6 Locations to Install Security Systems at Home and at Work

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At home or at the office, security should always be top-of-mind. But when it comes to security system camera placement, where is it best? Here are the top places to install security monitoring systems and cameras around your home and your business.

The Front Door

This location may seem obvious. But first, consider that an estimated 34 percent of home invaders enter directly through the front door, according to NACHI, or the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. To prevent a would-be burglar from tampering with your system, install the camera in the eyes of your home or even at a second-floor level, with the camera focused on your front door. This not only applies to the home but a business entryway, too.

Back Door

While not as obvious as a front entrance, the back door is almost as susceptible to unwanted entry as the front door of your home or place of work. It has been reported that 22 percent of burglars enter through either side doors or the back door, according to data from NACHI. When placing your cameras at this point, be sure to put them in an area that is out of reach so that they cannot be tampered with or damaged by intruders.

Basement Door

This location should not be ignored. Many basement doors, hatches, or small windows can be easily accessed by intruders. It is wise to place a security camera on the stairs that lead up from the basement to your home. This way, if an invasion was to occur, you would have footage of the burglar who came in through a basement door, window, or hatch.


Many criminals make their way into homes through windows that are not in direct view of the street. These off-street windows are easy targets for would-be thieves as their chance of detection is minimal. By placing security monitoring cameras at the rear windows of your home, you can protect against invaders hoping to gain access who may be out of view from the nearby street.

Backyard or Side Gate

Security monitoring systems and motion-sensor floodlights can be used in unison to deter criminals from making your yard or home their next target. This property area is often a hotspot for crime, as expensive items like kids’ bikes, lawn and garden machinery, and grills are typically left unattended and unmonitored. If you have a backyard fenced in, your camera placement should have a direct and clear view of the entrance gate.

Home Office

If you bring your work home, chances are that you work from a home office. With access to expensive items and technology like laptops and other devices, this space targets thieves. Not only are these items hot, but other important documents like passports, mortgages, and banking info are commonly stored in the home office and easy to swipe and used for identity theft. It is best to have a camera in the office, or at least on your home exterior, aimed at the home office window. Your home and your place of work should always feel safe. Installing security monitoring systems, and installing them in the right place, can give you some peace of mind.

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