Benefits of Having Tinted Glass Windows for Home

Benefits of Having Tinted Glass Windows for Home

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Whether you are renovating your house or building it from scrap, one thing you must consider is incorporating tinted glass windows in your home. Many homeowners are not aware of tinted windows since their focus is mostly on the designs and different variety of windows shown by their designer. But if they do some research on this topic, they can find out that these windows are not only limited to cars but can be installed in houses with their several benefits.

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What actually are tinted glass windows?

Tinted glass windows are created by adding small traces of metal oxide to the glass composition, which changes the transmission of solar energy and alters the color of the glass without modifying the basic properties of the glass. This addition reduces the penetration of sunlight through the glass that enters your home and affects your interior and furnishings.

Although tinted glass windows are readily available in various stores, yet there could be variations in quality. Vitrerie Starlight offers tinted glass windows of high quality that is perfect for business and home use.

Here are some top benefits of installing tinted glass windows in your resident-

1) They improve energy efficiency-

With the installation of tinted glass windows, homeowners can save a considerable amount of their electricity bills since these windows improve the energy efficiency of the house. These windows are specifically designed to absorb heat which reduces the amount of heating required in the home, making your windows a reliable heat source.

2) They act as sun protectors-

Tinted glass windows not only protect your furnishings and interiors, but it also blocks harmful sunrays to reach you and deteriorate your health. You might like to sit by your window to enjoy the view, but you expose yourself to the UV rays. If you have installed tinted glass windows, they tend to reduce the UV rays by 90%; therefore, providing extra protection to you and your family.

3) They enhance privacy-

Apart from protecting you from the exposure of sun, they can obscure the prying eyes of your neighbours who are keen in observing your business. Reducing the glare in any room is essential for comfort and high productivity. For instance, if you are watching Tv but are disturbed by the prying eyes of your neighbour seeing you do whatever you want, install tinted glass windows to enhance the privacy.

4) They improve security-

Installing tinted glass windows is always a wise option as they can deter the intruders. With the increasing crime rates, burglaries can take place easily and most of the thieves prefer taking the window as the entry point. Therefore, having tinted glass windows will block their view and prevent them from making their way inside your home.

5) They are easy to maintain-

You can remain stress-free and focus on your work priorities because tinted glass windows can be easily cleaned and maintained without having to clean them frequently. They are water and scratch-resistant, which enables extended durability, making them last longer and save money.


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