Be a Better Parent to Your Furry Kids, Get a Smart Pet Feeder

Be a Better Parent to Your Furry Kids, Get a Smart Pet Feeder

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Playing parent to a pet or furry kid can demand a great deal of responsibility. On top of your personal requirements, they need attention; they need to be fed, bathed, taken for walks and potty breaks, and so much more. No matter how busy you are, those responsibilities persist day in and day out. Feeding your pets is especially important if, you know, you don’t want them to get sick and wither away. Even so, keeping to a regular routine isn’t always the easiest, especially if you have a busy lifestyle outside your home. Work, personal time, and friends or family can all get in the way of your relationship with your pets — hopefully not to endangered levels.

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That’s exactly how smart pet feeders can alleviate some of the work.

Why You Need One?

Smart pet feeders allow you to keep to a strict schedule by dispensing exactly the right amount of food to your pets at a specified time. You can also control them remotely from a smartphone or check in on your pet through an embedded camera. Some of the best smart pet feeders, for instance, include an interactive mode that allows you to engage with your pet even while you’re away from home. Petcube has a laser-style toy that can entertain your dog or cat, giving them just a little bit of extra attention. Or, what about an added camera with two-way audio and night vision so you can spy on that sneaky cat late at night while you’re sleeping?

Are They Expensive?

For the most part, deciding whether or not a piece of tech is “expensive” is clearly subjective. It depends on what you define as worth the cost, and being able to remotely feed and interact with your pet may very well be to you — or it may not. The average smart feeder will cost anywhere from $100 to $350, but some of the better ones are less than $200. PetSafe, Petcube, Petnet, and GemPet are all below $200, even cheaper if you get them on sale.

Why Don’t You Just Feed Your Pet the Old Fashioned Way?

Hopefully, we don’t need to spell out for you why it might not be possible or easy to feed your pet manually. If you have a busy schedule or end up working late one night, a smart pet feeder ensures that your furry friend still gets their dietary supplement on time. You’ll need to vet the feeder of choice to see whether or not it’s compatible with the food you use. Most feeders deal with hard or semi-moist foods, so if you only feed your cat or dog wet foods, then it may not even be an option.

At the least, it’s a cool idea to check in on your pets and play with them a little, even while you’re away from home. You don’t necessarily have to choose a full-feeder either. The Petzi treat cam merely dispenses treats instead of full meals and includes a built-in camera so you can watch your pet’s activities from your phone. In the end, we recommend having one handy. Smart pet feeders can certainly help you be a better and more responsible parent to your furry kids.

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