5 Summer Activities You Can Enjoy with Family and Friends in Your Own Garden

5 Summer Activities You Can Enjoy with Family and Friends in Your Own Garden

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A fresh, sweltering glass of icy lemonade on one hand. A wide brim hat on the other. Summer days are always exciting and lazy at the same time. Exciting because of the seemingly endless days of vacation, but lazy because of the hot calmness of the weather.

What better way to spend this season by being outdoors. Furnish that sleepy patio outside your house with a nice outdoor sun lounge, where you can watch the hours go by relaxing with a good book, or with your family and friends. Outdoor sun lounges give you that beachy vibe and you can never go wrong in investing in one. Visit Domayne to soak in some summer inspirations.

Should you find yourself all-lounged out and looking for more fun, here’s a few ideas on some outdoor summer activities that you can enjoy at your very own backyard.

Al Fresco Movie Nights

Light up those outdoor fairy lights and the ambience is all set. Have some old fashioned movie nights, al fresco style, during those hot summer nights.

Set up a simple projector and choose a classic movie that everyone can enjoy. The smell of popcorn wafting through the summer breeze will be reminiscent of those movie drive-bys in the 60’s.

You just need to lay out some nice blankets and outdoor cushion pillows. Or better yet, set up your outdoor sun lounges to make your movie viewing more comfortable. This Arcadia Outdoor Sunlounger is a perfect option for these movie night marathons.

Water Slide

Why spend on water theme park entrance fees when you can have your very own water slide in your backyard? No waiting in lines and you can spend endless hours of fun slipping and sliding at your comfort.

Just set up a wide polyester tarp securely down on the grass, creating a bit of a slope, and start running that water hose down.

The entire family will surely enjoy tubing and rafting down through the backyard water slide all day long. Your kids can even invite their friends over to double the fun.

Slumber Party

Slumber parties are always memorable experiences for both the young and old. It’s those type of memories with your friends that you would always look back fondly.

So why not bring back the past by setting up an outdoor slumber party, complete with outdoor summer lounges and cushions. Everyone can enjoy having nail painting sessions, midnight snacking and some movie marathons.

Backyard Bowling

Instead of renting those smelly, sometimes sticky bowling shoes at your local bowling alley, why not create this fun summer project of creating your own backyard bowling.

The family can all chip on the fun by putting together some wooden planks that will form part of the lane, and some thicker logs to complete the look. Pick up a bowling set at that toy store and your backyard bowling is open for some summer afternoon fun.

Set up some outdoor sun lounges around the lane that can serve as sitting area for teams when taking turns.

Old School Camping

Summer is usually associated with camps, as is the tradition of your kids going away during this vacation period. But why not bring the camp this time to your own backyard and get to spend more time with the family.

Start re-creating a nice campsite by using colourful printed sheets and blankets that will serve as tent canopies. Either with outdoor summer lounges or just simple cushioned duvets, you can lay out areas to sit and lay down inside the canopies that everyone can snuggle in.

Additional lights and lamps will complete the overall camp feel and you can start roasting those marshmallows in no time.

Spending the summer with your loved ones need not to be expensive or extravagant. Having some activities closer to home, in your backyard to be exact, is more relaxing and stress-free.

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