What You Need to Know About Buying an Outdoor Jacket?

What You Need to Know About Buying an Outdoor Jacket?

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Finding a tremendous all-weather jacket isn’t easy. You need a solid understanding of the cutting-edge technologies that make a jacket outstanding. And it’s also essential to recognize which brands are at the forefront of outdoor apparel innovation.

The jacket you get needs to offer exceptional weatherproofing, and it has to be resistant to wear and tear as much as possible. Plus, it should be lightweight, so it doesn’t impede your movement.

To help you make an informed choice, this article discusses the critical elements of great outdoor jackets. Additionally, you’ll learn more about the GAMMA jacket, one of the newest arrivals on the activewear market.

What Makes a Great All Climate Jacket?


For years, Gore-Tex was the leading technology in breathability and waterproofing.

Gore-Tex features a microporous membrane below the jacket’s outer fabric. The membrane has micro holes to prevent water from infiltrating but letting the air out simultaneously.

This technology performs well, but different manufactures created proprietary solutions that primarily use a similar membrane principle. The GAMMA jacket is different because it utilizes a unique material, and it doesn’t need membranes and layering.

The GAMMA is made of graphene-infused material. Currently, graphene is the thinnest material on the planet, consisting of only a single layer of carbon atoms. These atoms are organized in repeat patterns called the hexagonal lattice.

The GAMMA weighs as little as your everyday hoodie. Since this material is so thin, it’s also super lightweight. However, you won’t be compromising weatherproofing and durability.

Graphene is among the most robust materials you can find, and some estimates suggest that it’s 200 times stronger than steel.

So, you could be hiking for days in the GAMMA, and it won’t scuff, scrape, or tear. Better yet, the hexagonal structure allows graphene to repel liquids and different particles, meaning it’s hard to get the jacket dirty.


A tremendous all-weather jacket should be a trusty companion, no matter where you choose to take it. It should work great at casual outings such as sporting events, day trips, and festivals.

But the jacket also needs to keep you warm and dry on light mountain trails and challenging hikes. To achieve that, the jacket should have excellent breathability and thermoregulation that’s hard to rival.

As for the GAMMA jacket, graphene has the ability to enhance your natural thermoregulation and act as a second skin. The hexagonal lattice distributes the heat evenly around your body while keeping the cold air outside.

But if the weather gets warmer, the jacket will expel the excess moisture and heat to keep you warm. This should be more than enough to keep you comfortable on casual outings and light trails.

Should you wear the jacket in more adverse weather conditions, three built-in heaters keep you warm in temperatures as low as -4F°. The heaters are made of carbon, so they don’t add weight and can be powered via any power bank.

Plus, there are three heat settings to adjust the temperature to your preferences.

Combine that with the fact that the GAMMA is lightweight, and you could easily have this jacket by your side on any occasion.


Plenty of Velcro and adjustable pull cords are necessary to tightly seal a waterproof jacket around your body. This allows you to prevent wind or rain from coming in through the underside, the collar, or the sleeves.

The GAMMA offers plenty of adjustments and some additional features that might be handy.

There are two pull cords to tighten the jacket around your waist. And there are two more to tighten the hood to protect your ears and head. The GAMMA also has a high collar, so you shouldn’t worry about wind or rain getting in through the opening.

The sleeves have Velcro on the cuffs and fingerless gloves for extra hand protection. Note that you can quickly wear another pair of gloves on top of the fingerless ones provided.

This all-weather jacket incorporates a powder or rain hem, easily folded up without taking the jacket off.

The only thing the GAMMA lacks is zipper pits for better airflow and temperature control in hot weather. But due to graphene’s unique properties, the jacket doesn’t need them.


When on a hike, you’ll probably carry a backpack. But this doesn’t mean your essentials shouldn’t be easily accessible. Therefore, an excellent activewear jacket needs to have plenty of pockets both inside and out.

The GAMMA features a 10-pocket system. You get two chest and waist pockets on the inside and outside. Of course, the outside pockets incorporate water-resistant zippers and rubberized cords to quickly open the zipper if you’re wearing big gloves.

On top of that, you get one pocket on each sleeve and a hidden pocket on the left.

Lastly, keep in mind that the inner chest pocket on the left is dedicated to a power bank for the heaters. Accordingly, the space inside is limited when you attach the power bank.


Ideally, your all-climate jacket won’t require much TLC after each hiking trip or event. And it’s best if the jacket is machine-washable.

The GAMMA offers you that, and, as mentioned, this outdoor garment isn’t easy to get dirty. Since the graphene’s hexagonal structure repels dirt and moisture, you’d need to encounter something quite severe to stain the jacket.

Another great feature is that the GAMMA doesn’t attract odors. Due to the material’s outstanding breathability and impervious surface, bacteria and mold won’t find a place to grow.

Simply toss the jacket in your backpack after an outdoor adventure, and it won’t smell bad, even days later.

Get Ready for Adventure

What makes a great all-weather jacket?

The bottom line is that it’s all about the technology that secures superior performance. In that respect, graphene is among the materials that slowly revolutionize the outdoor apparel industry.

It offers the right balance between weight, durability, and performance. All of which means you only need one jacket to fulfill all your high-performance, versatile garment requirements.

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