6 Things to Understand About Gamma Radiation

6 Things to Understand About Gamma Radiation

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There are many nuclear weapons in the world and a nuclear war can start at any time. The radiations caused by these weapons spread far and wide and one must be ready to protect themselves from these radiations at all times. Another major source of these radiations is the nuclear power plants and other nuclear applications that causes harmful radiations. In this article we will discuss 6 different things that you must understand about the gamma radiations and how can you protect yourself from radiation.

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  1. Gamma rays are the most powerful and energetic type of radiations. They are so powerful that they have the capability to easily pierce through metals and concrete. This makes them one of the most dangerous types of radiations in the world. They are formed in the heart of exploding stars and from the decay of radioactive atoms.
  2. Gamma radiations can be very harmful to the body but if used correctly they can be a blessing too. Recently gamma rays have been used by doctors to destroy brain cancer cells. A gamma rays knife was used by doctors to perform this task. It consists of several gamma rays that are focused on a single point which has radiations strong enough to kill the cancerous cells. But the beam is so focused that very insignificant amount of healthy brain cells is damaged.
  3. Fission reaction happens in nuclear power plants and in nuclear warheads. This is one of the major sources of gamma radiations in the world. If we take into consideration the risks involving a meltdown accident at any nuclear power plant the effects of gamma radiations will be deadly and widespread. This is something that should be considered by everyone and especially people living in areas closer to nuclear power plants.
  4. One of the most dangerous thing about gamma rays is that they are highly penetrating and ionizing. This means that from any material that they pass through they can create charged radicals. If the gamma rays pass through a human body it can very easily cause genetic mutation and damage the cellular mechanism inside the body. The genetic and DNA mutation can cause plenty of problems for humans and their future generation. If the body is exposed to large doses of gamma radiations it can even cause radiation poisoning and kill the cells in the body. This is why it is very important that you know how can you protect yourself from radiation.
  5. Two most important things to save yourself from the dangers of radiations are time and distance. For people who are expected to be exposed to gamma radiations such as nuclear power plant workers, it is important that the time of exposure and distance of the radioactive material is maintained in such a way that it does not have any adverse effect on the body of the worker.
  6. Shielding is another important factor that can help in minimizing the dangers of gamma radiations. If the radiations are of penetrating types such as gamma rays or X rays shields of lead, concrete or water are normally used to contain the radiations. The radioactive material is kept in these containers which makes sure that no radiations leak out and become harmful to the people working in the plant or the general public.

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