This blogger is asking everyone to celebrate #mermaidthighs – thighs that touch

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The obsession with thigh gaps is ludicrous.
We all realize that and but we actively work to make our gaps larger and our thighs smaller.
Even though thighs are the most muscle elements of our-our bodies, the most powerful bits, the bits that keep us moving, we want to cause them to as small as possible.
Nobody desires their thighs rubbing together. Nobody wants their legs to bulge out of shorts. Nobody needs cellulite after they’re in a bikini.
Why? Because we’ve been advised it’s unattractive.Web Job Posting
In a bid to appear suitable, girls always try to erase themselves – aiming to be smaller and embracing ‘bad space.’
However, body positivity blogger Kenzie Brenna is on a mission to pressure us to simply accept and love our ‘mermaid thighs’ – thighs that do touch.

This blogger is asking everyone to celebrate #mermaidthighs – thighs that touch 1
She’s published a sequence of pictures of herself on the front of a mirror to address the difficulty of ‘the scary thigh hole.’
‘You don’t want bad space to be valued,’ she says.
‘I desired to take in less space inside the world, and I wanted to be thin within the proper spots and “phat” within the right spots.
‘Turns out, my frame isn’t made of plastic parts, and I couldn’t transfer fat from my thighs to my boobs or ass.’
She says that until she came across fellow frame positivity bloggers @nourishandeat and @bodyposipanda, she didn’t recognize that ‘#mermaidthighs can be celebrated’ because she’d never visible them being embraced.

Women Power Bloggers – Inside the Minds of Today’s Successful Female Bloggers – Part I
According to the Pew Internet Project’s PIP Blogging Report, forty-six% of bloggers are female, and the numbers are growing normally. However, many girl bloggers are slightly disenchanted with the lack of popularity of their enterprise. After per week of research, I finally asked myself why they are not extra prominent on the net? Of all the weblog ranking lists, except fashion and movie star blogs, a mean of 12% of girls seem in the pinnacle one hundred of every list. And a few sources have the nerve to think that fashion blogs are “non-public diaries of fashion.” After doing some studies, I realized why such a lot of bloggers and readers these days understand ladies bloggers otherwise than men:

Many guys bloggers do not hyperlink to ladies bloggers
Less than 10% of women are political bloggers
60% of ladies created blogs are categorized as “non-public diaries.”
Nearly 88% of Pinnacle bloggers are white American guys.
Some men do not appreciate being lectured by ladies
Instead of analyzing RSS feeds and studying list after list, I determined to head at once to the source to get greater answers and discover how women strength bloggers reached fulfillment, how they attain their readers, and what they consider the discrimination closer to expert girls bloggers in the ultra-modern blogging community.

I communicated with four very different women bloggers (Chanel Ward/Hip Candy, Charlene Li/Groundswell: Winning In a World Transformed using Social Technologies, Michele Obi/My Fashion Life, and Julie Strietelmeier/The Gadgeteer) and requested them the equal five questions:

What is your weblog’s focal point, and why did you pick out this particular area of interest?
If you can describe your readers in three sentences or less, what could you assert?
How has blogging advanced your profession?
On common, handiest 12% of ladies bloggers have featured on Pinnacle 100 lists. Why do you think this is?
If you could give one word of recommendation to women bloggers these days, what would it be?
After speaking with these ladies, I realized that a “power blogger” has nothing to do with your ranking on a list. Still, the fine of your posts, the awareness of your reader’s needs, and the capability to look past fame and fortune and stay genuine to your problem rely upon the favorite. This is part one in all a part collection proposing women bloggers who’ve changed how the sector views them and their readers. Today’s featured blogger is Chanel Ward from Hip Candy and Charlene Li from Groundswell: Winning In a World Transformed using Social Technologies.


Chanel Ward / Hip Candy

It’s difficult to choose one favorite blog, but Hip Candy is very close to my heart. From the tag line, “candy… But no longer in that fattening type away” to the weblog’s proprietor, Chanel Ward, Hip Candy is fresh, interesting, and new.

Fashion designer/picture artist/writer Chanel Ward changed into featured as 225 Magazine’s Top People To Watch in 2008 and for a good purpose. After being the voice for America’s Next Top Model Interviews and one of the finalists for Project Runaway’s fan-favorite blogs, this fashionista turned into invited to experience and write approximately Fashion Week and is soon launching the lots predicted apparel line Hip Couture. Blazing a path of character and fashion, her weblog and her career as a lifestyle of its personal, but don’t take my word for it.

Wow. That’s one of these loaded questions! I’d in no way actually taken into consideration myself as an “author,” however, after starting Hip Candy, I slowly started to permit myself to assume otherwise. My weblog had already reached ranges that I would not have imagined when I started it. I figured it would simply be a fun interest. The response when you consider that I started out it’s been exceptional already! It’s very humbling. Some of the extra noteworthy improvements were 1) publicity to the hundreds from accomplishing the “Top Model” interviews 2) getting credentialed and being invited to Fashion Week from my style coverage at the weblog coupled with stable readership three) That identical stable readership translating into month-to-month ad revenue generated on Hip Candy four) all-price paid journeys to cover trade indicates and occasions ([http://blogs.Dreambrizo.Com/kbis_2007/]) 5) recognition and acknowledgment from magazines, and finally and in the end, 6) built-in call recognition for a destiny apparel release! Blogging has truely been a surprise and a blessing, and I stay up for more in 2008!

On average, the simplest 12% of girls bloggers have featured on pinnacle 100 lists. Why do you observe that is?

I hadn’t heard this statistic before. However, it’s pretty wonderful for the reason that I did listen that approximately 1/2 of the human beings blogging right now are women. I don’t simply know why more girls aren’t taken into consideration by top bloggers. I’d like to discover that out myself. I’d like to find out what we as ladies could do to level the gambling field. I’m now not as privy as I’d like to be on how weblog ranking works. I’ve made a pair lists in the beyond,

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