3 Business Video Conferencing Trends to Watch

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The saying “necessity is the mother of invention” has been around for many centuries. Though there wasn’t a great need for video call technology when it was first developed decades ago, recent events made improving the tech a priority for the business world. These days, the ability to join an instant business video conference is crucial for many organizations.


Where will video call technology go now? Here are three business video conferencing trends that were born out of necessity.

1. Security Is Improving

After virtual meetings became much more common, it didn’t take long for people with malicious intent to start causing trouble. While hackers can be a mere nuisance for some users, they can represent a major security risk for businesses. The FBI even issued a warning about using video conferencing software after virtual meetings first became wildly popular. Hosts can typically protect meetings with passwords and other restrictions, but many video conferencing providers are taking steps to enhance encryption and protect users in the future. When you need to host a video call, be sure you chose a provider that takes security seriously.

2. User Experience Is Increasingly Important

While security certainly matters, many people will still gravitate toward a product that is easy to use. A great user experience (UX) is important when considering that almost 90% of users won’t return to a website after a bad experience. That means you need to choose a video conferencing provider that causes as few headaches as possible while still being secure. It can be easier to get your employees to commit to using software if it’s easy to use and helps them be more efficient.

2-3% drop in productive time while adjusting to circumstances in 2020. As more employees return to offices, businesses will likely expect productivity to rebound. Since some portion of your workforce will probably be divided between the office and home for the foreseeable future, it will be important for you to adapt to their needs. Virtual meetings can play a key role in keeping your staff on task and boosting internal collaboration.

Video conferencing became a crucial tool for many businesses in recent years. However, the rapid growth of such technology also revealed some opportunities for improvement. As a result, service providers are putting a bigger emphasis on being more secure, offering a better UX, and helping you increase productivity. How will you use video conferencing to adapt and grow your business?

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