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It’s now not all glamor for Cara Santana, who is additionally hiring employees and developing a strong agency culture for her on-line undertaking, The Glam App. When actor Cara Santana first heard about Uber’s gig economy model, the notion is absurd. She desired to rebuke the concept. But now, it’s a noun, verb, and adjective. In 2014 she took the equal business version and commenced The Glam App, which brings local makeup, hair, and nail artists to ladies looking to enhance their lives from home. Santana also recognized for TV roles in “Salem,” “Santa Clarita Diet” and films “Reunion,” “Beverly Hills Chihuahua three: Viva La Fiesta!” and the upcoming drama “Steps,” points out Uber has modified the way humans see the free-marketplace economy and strengthened impartial contractors. CEO Santana handiest has 8 complete-time personnel with workplaces in London and Los Angeles, yet Glam has over 30,000 energetic users in 22 markets in the U.S. And U.K. and over 2,000 stylists.

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The business enterprise lately partnered with L’Oreal for an exceptional artistry software known as the Glam Academy, curated in collaboration with Beyoncé’s pass-to artist Sir John who is curating 4 new appears for The Glam App this year the use of L’Oréal Paris merchandise. Workforce intern Ariel Parrella-Aurelia currently chatted with Santana, being an entrepreneur, hiring employees, and creating a strong company lifestyle.

Workforce: Why did you choose the gig economy to shape for the app?

Cara Santana: The social way of life of the modern-day-day operating woman, the millennial, is immediate gratification, comfort, accessibility. They simply consider the form of the lifestyle turned into going to an area where, either due to time constraints or because of this want and potential to get most things immediately, the splendor industry would fit in. The common ladies spend $450 thousand yearly on splendor — that’s a certainly huge sum of money. With 65 percent of women running extra now than in 2008, you have obviously a culture of millennials who have grown up wherein they can get matters once they want, whether or not it is Postmates or Tinder or whatever. We have that allows you to fill an actual need, which is beauty — it’s no longer going anywhere. It felt like a herbal development to apply this version to the business of splendor.

WF: How has your performing profession helped your app company?

Santana: How it, in reality, helped me is being an “entrepreneur” that’s the time period I assume that receives thrown around loads and being an actress, there are lots of similarities. There is no linear route; there is no manual to get to success; you don’t do A and get to B. There is lots of rejection, developing your own emblem and identity as an actress and equal with a commercial enterprise. The turmoil and the battle of “making it” inside the performing global are very similar to “making it” within the small business entrepreneurial global. Thinking outdoors of the container, having a difficult shell, being open to rejection, and hearing “no”—there are lots of similarities in it that prepared me for resilience and march to the beat of my own drum and have faith in myself.

WF: How do you balance being a CEO and a movie star?

Santana: My mom has usually taught me, you may do the whole lot for your personal. She has continually been a running mother, ever because I can take it into account. When I started out to construct The Glam App, I knew inherently that I wasn’t going that allows you to build it by myself and make it a hit. I surrounded myself with people whose strengths have been my weaknesses, whether it’s partnering with Joey, who had a totally sturdy innovative vision, which is not virtually my area of expertise, or hiring a COO who turned into solid in operations and hiring an assistant who may want to help balance my time table. That is a huge crew, and such cohesion helped simplify and streamline the entirety I’m doing, and it allows me to surely create that balance.

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