Habits That Say a Lot About Your Personality

Habits That Say a Lot About Your Personality

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You meet lots of people, and not all are same. Some are very innocent, some are wise, some are clever, and the list goes on. You cannot find all qualities in one person, or you can? There are few people who say that personality can vary according to the environment, situations, lifestyle and even country.

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Well, there are many theories about personality, which shows that in the world there are different types of personalities and one can know in detail about it by going through the books. Who has that much time in reading just to know about personalities!

Two types of personalities

The imperative thing that comes into play is there are mainly two types of personalities, i.e. type A personality and type B personality. People who come in the first one find it difficult to accept failures and those who come in the second one are reflective and innovative. Read on in order to explore it and also get to know about the habits that reveal your personality.


If you reach your office on time, then it shows that you are very enthusiastic as well as organized. On the other hand, getting late for a meeting means you are not a responsible person.

Biting nails

It shows that such people are very nervous as well as tense. According to a study that was published in the Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry, people who bite their nails are perfectionists. Actually, researchers gathered some people and then filmed them when they were in the difficult as well as frustrating situation. So, they concluded that those who constantly bit their nails were a perfectionist.


A weak handshake showcases the lack of confidence and self-esteem. When it comes to a strong handshake, it shows that you are a confident individual.


People who wear ankle boots are very aggressive. It’s been seen that people who have new as well as well-maintained shoes are anxious ones. Those who wear comfortable shoes are agreeable, and those who wear uncomfortable shoes are calm.

Eating habits

Those who are picky eaters they are the ones who take more stress. Well, people who eat quickly are impatient as well as ambitious. On the other hand, slow eaters are those who appreciate life.

Color of cloths

People who are in love with green colored clothes are very affectionate and loyal. Those who love white are more logical as well as organized. Black wearers are artistic and sensitive, and those who like blue colored dresses are sensitive and stable.


Light-handed writers are very sensitive and empathetic and those who put much pressure on the pen, they take the things more seriously. It’s been seen that people with large handwriting love attention and have wanderlust, while those with small handwriting are meticulous as well as shy.

Final words

So, these were some of the habits that say a lot about the people. Is not it great that now you can tell about the personality of a person just by looking at their habits!


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