Go Axe Throwing For Your Holiday Staff Party In Scottsdale

Go Axe Throwing For Your Holiday Staff Party In Scottsdale

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Santa’s on his way and that means you need to start thinking about throwing a holiday staff party. If you’re trying to do something different this year, consider going axe throwing at one of Scottsdale’s new axe throwing venues. Yes – axe throwing has arrived in Scottsdale just in time for Christmas. When you’re planning a holiday staff party, there are a few things you need to consider if you want to make it a great time: your budget, inclusivity, and most of all, whether or not people will enjoy it.


If you’re hosting a holiday staff party, budget’s going to be a significant factor in what you decide to do. Corporate holiday party budgets have gone down considerably in recent years, after the 2008 Recession led to cost-cutting measures everywhere. But more modest staff parties aren’t necessarily a bad thing, even as your bottom line improves. Your staff would likely appreciate a bonus more than a lavish party, and activities like axe throwing are affordable alternatives to fancy dinners and booze-fueled get-togethers. Axe throwing in Scottsdale at places like the Backyard Axe Throwing League (BATL) is a great way to entertain a large group of people on a budget.


Anytime you plan an activity for a staff party or corporate team building event, you have to be sensitive about inclusivity. Is everyone on your team physically able to join in, and if not, what’s an alternative you can plan to include everyone? Having someone with a disability on your staff doesn’t necessarily mean that alternative sports like axe throwing are out of the running. Axe throwing venues like BATL have proven exceptionally inclusive in cities where they already operate like Toronto, Calgary, and Ottawa. With visits from the likes of Makrina Morozowski, Paralympic wheelchair basketball bronze medallist and “Three Points of Contact,” a popular blog about travelling with disability, including blindness, they’ve shown axe throwing is open to anyone who wants to try. Finding an inclusive venue is the first step, the second is making sure everyone wans to go.





How many times have you been to a holiday staff party that you were just dreading, and it lived up to your expectations. Don’t be responsible for one of those parties; axe throwing is a casual sport that you don’t have to be athletic or competitive to enjoy. Even the most reluctant participants will get into the game. In addition to booking information, you can also find videos of axe throwing matches at Batlgrounds.com/axe-throwing-scottsdale and the high-energy crowds if you’re still not convinced.

Christmas parties don’t have to be a drag to plan and participate in. There are plenty of alternatives to consider, including axe throwing in Scottsdale. Rather than re-hashing the same old awkward office party situations, get your team out of the office on a budget to a venue that’s inclusive and affordable. The holiday staff party is your way of saying thank you for a year of hard work, and it should be fun for everyone involved.

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