Wildlife Control – Health Risks of Wildlife Invasion in Homes

Wildlife Control – Health Risks of Wildlife Invasion in Homes

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Wildlife control can refer to the process of selective removal or control of wild animals, pests, or insects, that are destructive presences on your property, and have a chance of destroying your property or introducing disease into your home. Wildlife can often be seen as a threat to the family’s health and safety, along with the safety of the property. Thus, wildlife control will allow you to ensure that your home and that your family remain safe, even with the threat of wildlife within the area. Wildlife control can also be referred to as nuisance wildlife management, and ensure that the wildlife in the area do not remain threatening to any human beings within the area.

Most wildlife that tend to act as a nuisance include squirrels, rats, mice, raccoons, pigeons, skunks, and bats. These animals pose a threat to human health and safety because they carry diseases, and can spread infections, along with other pests like lice and bacteria. Thus, finding an animal like a raccoon or a skunk in your home can be detrimental to your family’s health because of the diseases the animal may be carrying.
Raccoons are known to carry rabies, roundworm, and salmonella. Rabies is a deadly disease that is spread through the saliva, meaning that the bite of the animal is infectious. Though there is treatment for rabies, the disease has deadly symptoms and can potentially be highly dangerous, especially if treatment is not received on time. Salmonella, on the other hand, is a bacterium that causes food poisoning in human beings, and can be transmitted by eating contaminated foods – so it is recommended to keep the kitchen clean of any form of wildlife or pests, to ensure that you stay safe.
Squirrels and skunks are also seen to be threats to the security of the home, because squirrels are known to be carriers of zoonotic diseases – diseases that can be spread from animals to people. Furthermore, squirrel excreta can contain salmonella, giving rise to food poisoning. Though skunks may not carry many diseases, they are unpleasant animals because of their burrowing and feeding nature. Their habit of dwelling in dark spaces can result in skunks living in basements and garages, and can disrupt your daily activities.




Rats are notorious for carrying diseases – indeed, rats were the reason the bubonic plague was widespread in Europe, resulting in the deaths of millions. Rats can transmit other diseases as well, including rat-bite fever, and eosinophilic meningitis, which affects the brain.

AAA Sande Wildlife Control is a family owned and operated company in Toronto, Canada, and has provided their services to the community for over fifteen years. The staff are fully trained with understanding all types of animal control, and ensure that the wildlife found in your home are treated with care. Along with providing humane treatment to the wildlife, they ensure that the animal, or pest, is removed as quickly and as efficiently as possible, causing the least amount of distress to the animal and to your family members.

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