10 Safety Steps to Follow While Working with Trolleys

10 Safety Steps to Follow While Working with Trolleys

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In today’s world, every effort is made to reduce manual work. Machines and technology of all kinds are developed for this purpose. Trolleys are being used for a variety of hauling operations and to make these operations safer. These tools can increase productivity and lessen the chances of dropping or damaging the commodities. The inappropriate use of these trolleys can also be harmful and can cause trouble like back pain or strains. Therefore it becomes essential to follow proper safety steps while working with these trolleys.

  • Training must be provided to workers to learn about the skills necessary to select and safely use trolleys by employers. Hands-on practice with equipment is the best way of training employers efficiently. Manual task hazards and reporting problems related to the trolley should be involved in the training.
  • Proper tricks and tips must be given to the users for working with the trolleys to prevent strains or other injuries. The position of legs and backs must be straight during loading and unloading items from a trolley.
  • Place the items efficiently and methodically on the trolley to ensure the weight is balancing on the axle and not on the handle. Also, ensure that you can see over the load.
  • Be sure to check all the trolley’s welds before moving it; never pull a trolley or dolly. Always push it when moving loads.
  • If possible, break down the large loads into smaller ones to ensure you’re as well as goods safety.
  • Make use of personal protective equipment, such as:
  • Rubber gloves: while working with heavy or sharp-edged goods.
  • Protective footwear: if working in places that can expose you to foot injuries like falling and rolling objects or pointed materials that can pierce the sole of your footwear.
  • Back belt: This helps support your lower back while pushing dollies or trolleys with the load.
  • This equipment must be used by competent people who understand its functioning and are strong enough to handle it. Do not use the trolleys if you feel ill, tired, or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Always maintain a safe speed while moving your trolley and keep it under control.

Tire maintenance of the trolley is a must. Trolleys can be used for various purposes, such as in hospitals, industries, hotels, etc. For efficient working in all the possible areas, it becomes important that the trolley’s main parts, such as the tires, are in the best conditions. An under or unevenly pressured tire will cause pain in the employee’s arms, legs, or back. Be sure to buy the best quality tires and ensure their maintenance.


Trolleys are highly beneficial for use, and adequate safety measures must be taken while using them.

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