6 Vape Tips for New Users

6 Vape Tips for New Users

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After just switching to vaping from alternate ways of inhaling smoke, it is only natural to be slightly confused about the procedures involved. There are a few things to learn and keep in mind. Over time, one can follow what works for them best, but here are a few quick pointers to send you down the right path.

  1. Dismantle Your Device At Night: While this may seem like a bothersome task to perform every day, you will eventually realize the importance of doing this. Removing the atomizer or vape tank regularly, especially if it was filled with e-liquid recently, will only help prevent leaks or spills from the vape that can happen. If the liquid makes contact with the battery directly or even the button, it would be the apparatus’s end. Since these items aren’t exactly priced that low, it would be terribly disappointing to see the vape die in its initial stages of purchase itself. It’s only good to be on the safe side and do this small but crucial task daily.
  2. Beware of Cracking: The Vaping Community is well aware that not all vape tanks are made equally. Certain juices or flavors may not be appropriate for all kinds of stone tanks. This is especially the case with Menthols and Cinnamon based e-liquid flavors. There are several plastic tanks in vapes that can crack or warp due to certain juices and flavors. Not all retailers are open about sharing these aspects either while making a sale. The new vape users suffer from this the most as it is the starter kits that have plastic tanks. Thus, glass tanks are highly recommended, so one is not limited to a small selection of flavors and juices for the vape.
  3. Juice Maintenance: Like mods, vaping tanks, and other vaporizers, the juices require a certain amount of care and maintenance. It’s always good etiquette to shake the e-liquid before each use to ensure that the PG/VG mixture and the nicotine are properly mixed, and you always get a quality vaping experience. It’s also extremely crucial to see that the e liquids are stored in a manner, so they are not directly hit by sunlight. Sunlight tends to decrease the nicotine’s potency leading to a different outcome and letting it get merely wasted. It is also important to keep the liquid bottles sealed. Keeping it open to breathe to reduce the intensity for more than 30 minutes is not a risk worth taking as the flavor will only diminish more and become too weak.
  4. The Juice Thing-A-Mabob: You may know of it as the atomizer, the vaping tank, or the RDA, RBA, but essentially, the part that holds your juice is what is being referred to. It is recommended for new users to use the bottom fill tank as it is the easiest to use. More coils need to be purchased at regular intervals, and these are easily available at any vape retailer. However, the more advanced mods require you to build your own coils to vape, wherein you see users dripping onto cotton. This can be very dangerous, so it is advised to get a local shop demonstration to understand what is required for coil building.READ MORE ARTICLES : 
  5. The Batteries: This is perhaps the most aspect of vaping, whether you are using a pen or an expensive box mod. All batteries come with a color code in their button that shows their current life. It is critical to connecting the charger well before you notice that the battery is beginning to die. Most starter pens have ego threading, which means the charger screws right onto the battery, and it’s important to not tighten it too much as the battery or charger can get damaged easily. Keeping it on after removing it from its full charge till you are ready to use it may seem like a wise idea; however, this may affect the battery’s overall life. More advanced mods that use batteries such as the 18650 or 26650 have a whole set of concerns around them. In these cases, you are probably even building your own coil; making sure the battery is not being over tasked is vital. They are only designed to handle limited amps of current and can have dangerous outcomes. If the battery is getting too hot, it must be taken out immediately as that is a clear sign that something is wrong. If there are even slight rips in the wrapping of the batteries, they should not be used. Or even using batteries that are dented or damaged anyhow is inadvisable. Shops usually re-wrap or repair batteries for an amount close to nothing. The batteries can also begin the venting process if exposed to direct sunlight or left in a vehicle, leading to it exploding, so it is crucial to see they are being stored properly.
  6. Enjoy Your Vape!: Now that you have finally made the switch to a vaporizer, it is important to enjoy it as much as possible. Some of the above-shared information may come off as scary, but being aware of all the scenarios revolving around vaping is essential as a new vape user. Please explore what you have learned further and pass it on to the next new vaper you meet.

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