How Your Thoughts And Actions Affect Your Life And Health

How Your Thoughts And Actions Affect Your Life And Health

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You may not realize it, but every day you make decisions that can affect your health and life in general. There are good decisions and bad decisions, from putting on your seatbelt to picking what you want off the breakfast menu. While some people may rationalize with, “I’m going to die someday anyway,” why wouldn’t you want to live each day to the fullest, healthily?

How Your Thoughts And Actions Affect Your Life And Health 1

Even the things you think of each day can have an effect on your life and your health. It’s kind of like what they talk about in the Law of Attraction. Your thoughts attract things. If you’re always thinking negatively, you’ll have more negativity in your life. Here are some ways you can promote a healthier life by nixing some of those bad thoughts and actions that could seriously affect you and maybe even be shortening your lifespan.


Get Clean And Sober

Start off your new healthy life by getting rid of your addictions. There are so many things that people can be addicted to, but some of the most hazardous to your health include drugs (even prescriptions), alcohol, cigarettes, and unhealthy foods. Once you’re clean of your addictions, relapse is always just around the corner, but changing other aspects of your life can help you stay on the sober path. For drug addicts and alcoholics, rehab may be the first step in getting better. In rehab you will learn how to live your life without your drug of choice, we could mean new patterns and even new friends. Even smokers sometimes need to change the way they do things to avoid that need to light up.

Your body will change, whether you’ve cut out sugar or alcohol. You’ll have more energy, you may lose weight, you’ll definitely start to feel better, and you’ll even have a clearer mind. Use that energy to start something new to keep your mind occupied, like a new fitness routine or a new, healthy hobby.

Think Positively

If thoughts are things, then positive thoughts will definitely have you living a happier life. Focus on the good things in life, and you will discover more good things. Yes, there will still be bad things, but you’ll let them get to you less if your thoughts are always on the good. Stress is a huge killer, literally. People that spend far too much time stressing about everything often have heart issues and even anxiety issues. It can lead to stroke, heart attack, and death. While there will always be things that bring stress into your life, try to find ways to relax each day. That could be soaking in the bath or schedule in daily meditation.

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