How Learning To Survive A Zombie Attack Could Help You In A Real Emergency

How Learning To Survive A Zombie Attack Could Help You In A Real Emergency

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With the popularity of zombies in movies and television, it kind of makes sense that many people have spent time speculating whether something like this could ever really happen. Even the CDC took a cue from the popularity of this media sensation and designed a place on their website where people could learn how to be prepared for a zombie apocalypse. While zombies are an unlikely thing to come to kill people, other things could really happen that your zombie preparedness could help you survive through.

How Learning To Survive A Zombie Attack Could Help You In A Real Emergency 1

The Things You’ll Need To Prepare

No matter what the survival scenario is, whether it’s zombies or a pandemic, there are some things that you should have on hand. Of those many things, especially in zombie disasters or attacks of any kind, you will want to have some weapons of some sort. Not only do you want weapons for protection (as someone could try to break into your home and harm you or try to steal things from you), but you may also want some for hunting for food, depending on the situation. You also want to be prepared when it comes to needing food, though you can get some things in the wild (like hunting, fishing, and even scavenging for natural foods like berries and mushrooms). You want to study up on what foods in the wild are safe for consumption. You also want to make sure you know how much food and water your family will need for any specific amount of time.

Being safe isn’t just about having weapons to protect you; you will also want to have a good amount of first aid items on hand and maybe even a trauma kit. In the case of an end of the world scenario, you may not have a doctor available to stitch up wounds, remove bullets, or even extract teeth. You’ll want to have bandages, antibiotic ointment, and a lot more.


How Zombie Apocalypses Start

Zombie apocalypses have started for various reasons in movies and television shows. Often it’s some sort of disease that spreads through the population quickly, like a pandemic. Normally a pandemic is simply a disease that spreads quickly, killing off many. Would it be lucky if you were immune? Maybe, as long as someone else in your family was.

Real-life scenarios where you might see it as a disaster or survival situation can include pandemics and wars, and weather-related phenomenon. If you live in a tornado alley, you are likely prepared for the worst-case scenario, with a tornado shelter underground and food supplies and such. Even if zombies are never real, being prepared in case something bad keeps you from getting to the grocery store to get food, shuts down the grid, and maybe even leaves your home susceptible to burglary, why not be ready>

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