How to Minimize Your Life to Live Better

How to Minimize Your Life to Live Better

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Minimalism should be adopted by everyone, but not for the reasons you might think. Of course, you don’t need to paint all your walls white, nor do you need to live with next to nothing in your home. Your sense of style could be maximalist, and you could have a very carefully thought out design that uses every inch of space. The reason why we should all live more minimally isn’t for its design opportunities. Rather, it is for its health and lifestyle benefits.

What Is Minimalism?

There are many different interpretations of minimalism, and there are no hard fast rules to minimalism. The only thing that matters is that you value what you own. For some, this means living a utilitarian lifestyle because other than taking care of their needs, they found no value in their other belongings. For you, it might just mean de-cluttering your home and putting more emphasis on need over want when you go out shopping.


Placing Greater Emphasis on Value

There are two reasons why you need something. First, it takes care of a physical need in your life. A frying pan helps you cook, a towel dries you off, and so on. The second is a mental need. You don’t need a sketchbook to survive, for instance, but if you love to draw in your spare time and find it enjoyable, then drawing is a mental need your body requires. You are allowed to buy things for both these reasons – it is when you buy more of the same item or things you don’t actually care about when a problem arises. By placing things you value, both in terms of what you own and regarding the things you could buy, you will find you can lead a healthier, happier life in no time. Further, by placing higher standards on the things you buy, you can actually save money.

Replace Material Items with Experiences

When it does come to spending your money, aim to use it on experiences rather than items. You likely already own the things you need at this point in time, which means that to find fulfillment and enjoyment, you should look beyond the brief adrenaline rush you get when you buy something – you should expand your mind instead. Click here to buy concert tickets to Bruce Springsteen, if that’s who you love, or sign up for a class. Learn something new, do something different, and find out how fulfilling a life lead by experience can be. Putting emphasis on experience rather than on material items is how you can lead a better life. In terms of your own and your belongings, it means editing back to only have the things you use and care about. In terms of your lifestyle, it means getting out there and living maximally while buying minimally. This lifestyle is for everyone because it can mean something different to each person. The only similarity is that you emphasize doing and buying the things that actually matter, rather than following trends or impulse.

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