5 Tips for Your Rhinoplasty Recovery

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It is normal to feel nervous before ongoing a rhinoplasty procedure. No matter how well you prepare oneself, you can feel a mixture of anxiety and excitement before the procedure. It is also normal to wonder and worry about how you will feel after the surgery and how you will look.

To your surprise, you will find that the recovery process is not as difficult as you had thought. It will be a lot easier and comfortable if you prepare yourself for it beforehand. There are some tips which you can follow to make sure the recovery is smooth.

  1. Give yourself ample of recovery time

In the first few days, you might feel that you don’t need the complete 2 weeks of time that your surgeon suggested. It might seem comfortable to you after the first couple of days but it is important to give your body enough rest to heal. Plan for at least 10 days as your recovery period. After this time when you’re ready, take it slow as rushing things doesn’t pay well. Resume getting back to your normal routine slowly and steadily. Moreover, you might have bruising during the first few weeks which might make you feel less social. Hence, give yourself sufficient time to recover physically as well as mentally.

  1. Prepare your room to be your recovery area

It will be difficult for you to go around your normal routine immediately after the surgery. So, it is better to prepare a space in your home for your recovery period to maximize your comfort and minimize exertion. You will need to elevate your head above your heart while sleeping. This is to reduce the swelling and keep your nose from shifting. For this, it is best you use many pillows on your bed to elevate your head and on the sides to stabilize you as you sleep. Keep ice packs and pain killers ready. Also, keep magazines, books and other entertainment options by your bed or up close to avoid boredom.

  1. Mind your meals

It’s easy to turn to takeout food because you’re not feeling good enough to cook, but it is not going to help you in recovering. What your body needs is nutritious food for cellular renewal. For this, you should prepare your food ahead of time to make sure that your body is getting enough fuel to repair and recover itself.




Try recipes that can be refrigerated or frozen so that all you need to do for dinner is heat your food in the microwave and have it. It’ll save you the hassle. Frozen meals can also be heated in a slow cooker all day so that food is ready by evening.

  1. Be punctual about your medication

There might be several reasons for you to skip your meds which will cause you discomfort, but you should abide by the schedule as directed by the surgeon. Just keep following up on your meds and do not take more than you’re supposed to.

  1. Treat your nose with respect

This surgery is supposed to make you confident and good about yourself, but if you don’t take care of your nose post-surgery, then it will not be worth it. The doctors will work wonders during the surgery, but it won’t pay off if your nose is bumped too much or jostled or not given the opportunity to heal completely. Smoking, drinking, taking the wrong supplements, overdoing it or jostling it can cause serious problems and have a very negative impact on the healing process. All of this can lead to infection, scarring and ultimately, a poor aesthetic outcome.

The most important thing is to follow your doctor’s instructions. The doctor has done his part of the job by performing the surgery and providing you with the prescriptions. Now, it is up to you to take care of your nose for a beautiful outcome. Let it heal, give it time. Your efforts are just as important as your doctor’s.

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