Indian Food – What Makes Indian Cooking Unique?

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If you’re wondering what makes Indian food unique, you obviously want an answer that is more concrete than ‘it originates from India.’ The history of Indian cuisine is quite interesting as well as complicated.

India’s history is rich, filled with invasions, migrations, and the merging of different tribes and ethnic groups. All of this is reflected in its unique cuisine. Everyone, irrespective of their taste, will definitely find something to like about Indian food, whether it is the complex mixture of spices and masalas or the exotic chicken and mutton dishes. Even small dishes such as the South Indian chutney is simply delicious. It is a mixture of fruit and spices and is of unique Indian origin.

Where else would you find a cuisine inventive enough to mix a sweet, ripe fruit with a mix of different spices? While several cuisines worldwide incorporate chicken in their dishes, no dish is as famous as the Indian Tandoori Chicken. The meat is cooked in a sizzling clay oven and is flavored with different spices that vividly give the entire dish. The test is absolutely unique, and the method of preparation combined with its different ingredients makes this dish an international favorite. Another meat that is common across


different cuisines such as Italian and Greek is lamb. While these cultures also have a vibrant culture and history, the Indian Achari dish’s flavors are completely different and stunning compared to a Greek lamb stew. Several people have tried to figure out and pinpoint one aspect of Indian cuisine that makes it stand out so much. These questions range from specific ingredients like coriander and tomatoes to preparing the food and the spices added to it. But then again, several cultures, such as the Greeks, also use coriander and tomatoes and different spices that they have gathered from travels around the world. These discussions can go on and on, but the fact remains that Indian cuisine is truly a unique one.

The combination of spices and the mixing of different types of foods results in creating several dishes that can be described simply as a treat for your taste buds. For example, the doughnut is fried in oil and is a favorite sweet in America and China. But the Indian vada, which has some similarities, such as being round and fried, is absolutely flavourful and crisp and very unlike a doughnut. You can keep trying to figure out the reasons for Indian cuisine is unique. But while you are doing so, make sure to try this cuisine out, and by referring to different recipes, maybe even try cooking some of the dishes on your own! If you are looking for restaurants around you to sample such food, a quick internet search is sure to give you several results. Additionally, you can ask friends and family for recommendations of places that they have been to.

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