Qysmia – Know it better

Qysmia – Know it better

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Qysmia is not the only dietary pill approved by FDA, but is shows a lot of potential when it comes to its weight loss effectiveness. It involves a gradual process of weight loss which is good on the body. One can lose approximately 4 times more weight than those who try to loose on their own. A standard dosage seems to give a 10% overall weight loss in a year and a middle level dose 8% decrease. It can be slightly more with a higher dosage. Results also depend on various other factors like age, metabolic rate, current weight, sex, calorie intake, dosage etc.

Dosage and indications: It is supplied in the form of oral capsules as Qsymia oral cap ER: 11.25-69mgPO, 15-92mgPO, 3.75-23mgPO,7.5-46mg PO. It is initially started at a minimum dose of 3.75-23mg PO once daily (before or after meal) in the morning for the first 14 days and later extended to 7.5mg/46mg PO . Most of the total expected weight loss is shown in these initial days. If they are no indications of at least 3%loss of base line weight after 12 weeks evaluated at recommended dosage it is either stopped or further increased gradually to 11.25mg/69mg PO once daily for 14 days to finally 15mg/92mg PO and evaluated at the highest dosage after additional 12 weeks for a 5% baseline weight decrease. The stoppage of the dosage must be gradual and not sudden as it will cause seizures .evening dosage is mostly not recommended with Qsymia as it can leads to insomnia. It is not recommended for adolescents, and children where the safety and efficacy is not determined. Click here to check the average expected results.

Known Side effects: Qsymia although is effective for weight loss but one has to deal with its various side effects.  The possible side effects of the drug are: increase in resting heart rate (RHR) which can lead to strokes if unattended, Phentermine was part of a notorious diet drug combination in the late eighties and early nineties which was known to cause heart valve damage.




Serious eye problems: Topiramate is known to cause acute myopia with decrease in vision and redness of eye. It is also associated with secondary angle glaucoma. Negligence can lead to permanent blindness.

Mental and cognitive problems: Topiramate increases the suicidal tendencies and thoughts. It can lead to depression, agitation, aggression, restlessness, irritability, panic attacks, insomnia, and numbness / tingling in arms, feet or face (paresthesia), dizziness, extreme mood swings, decrease in memory and concentration, difficulty in speech, trouble thinking clearly etc.

Metabolic acidosis: Qsymia leads to an increase in acidity of the blood. If untreated can cause soft bones (osteoporosis, osteomalacia, osteopenia), kidney stones etc.

Besides it can also lead to loss of taste, constipation and dry mouth. In pregnant women it can cause birth defects like cleft palate.

Qsymia is not a wonder standalone drug. Hence it is always recommended with proper physical activity and life style changes for a weight management program to work. Like all other drugs it also has a wide array of side effects. Given the differences in the safety and efficacy of the various dietary drugs available, the ideal approach should be individualistic.

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