How to Choose The Right Shoe For Your Workout

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There are so many types of workouts that are effective for helping women stay in shape. One of the most effective types of exercise for women is cardio. It helps women get their heart pumping and increases their bodies’ cardio-vascular muscles. Overall, cardio is one of the most effective workouts for women. And what better way to do cardio than with the right pair of shoes.

Trail Running Shoes

The benefits of Trail Running Shoes

Trail Running Shoes are far different than your traditional pair of running shoes. Regular road running shoes are generally designed to enhance your running speed. Therefore, road running shoes are made with lightweight material. Trail running shoes, on the other hand, are built:

  • To provide support from a trail’s rough terrain.
  • With heavier material to help provide shock absorbing
  • With a bulkier design

Starting out with a pair

Before buying a strong pair of trail running shoes, you should ask yourself what type of trails will you be running. Will you be running groomed trails that are relatively smooth? Or will you be running rugged trails that are rocky and full of natural debris?

If you are going to be running relatively smooth trails, it would be in your best interest to find a pair of Trail Running Shoes similar to your road running shoes. The shoes should not be as slim as road running shoes but should not be as bulky as rugged Trail Running shoes.

If you plan on running more rugged trails, you should look for a bulky pair of trail running shoes. Keep an eye out for a pair that has a thick sole. The thickness will help you absorb the shock of running over rocks, sticks, and uneven paths.


Walking Shoes

The benefits of Walking Shoes

Despite popular thinking, you cannot use your average pair of running shoes as walking shoes. Running shoes are designed to support each foot when it holds 3x your body weight when you run. Walking Shoes are designed to provide support and balance for when you are walking. This means Walking Shoes are built:

  • To absorb 2x your body weight with each step.
  • Support your foot arches (the greatest part of impact while walking)

Starting out with a pair

Since we know which part of your foot is impacted the most while walking, it is best to accommodate your foot’s arch type. If you don’t already know how your arch is shaped, you can do this little experiment to find out.

  1. Wet the bottom of your foot
  2. Step on a piece of paper
  3. Exam your footprint
    1. Little to no footprint: You have high arches
    2. Wide footprint: You have wide feet

Once you know your foot’s shape, you can start looking for the support you need in a pair of Walking Shoes.

If you found that you have high arches, you will need a pair of walking shoes with good cushioning. When looking for a pair of shoes, make sure to press into the shoe’s cushioning to get an idea of its cushion. Always ensure comfort by trying on a pair and walking a few steps.

If you found that you have wide feet, you will need a pair of more structured walking shoes. You should keep your eye out for a pair that has a lot of inside support. Make sure you walk a little bit with the shoes to make sure you will be comfortable walking in them.

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