Testosterone supplements – Do they really work?

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Many men suffer from declining sex drive once they start aging, and physiological changes are the main factor behind this. Testosterone is the main factor that drives sexual desire, bone density, production of sperm, muscle mass, and this peaks at about the age of 30. As the level of this hormone declines, men may experience much less interest in sex or may not be able to sexually perform at all. He may be subject to depression due to a dip in sexual interest, which may also harm his personal relationships with his spouse or partner. Naturally, such a person will want to do something about it. In case you’re wondering whether or not testosterone therapy can enhance your sex drive, read on to know more about this.

Testosterone – What exactly does it do, and what is it?

Estrogen and testosterone are the 2 main sex hormones, and both men and women produce these hormones, where men make more of them. It is due to testosterone that male sex organs grow during puberty and support physical attributes like broad shoulders, growth of facial hair, and dense muscle development. There is a rise in testosterone during sexual excitement though there are various other factors that contribute too. Testosterone levels fall and rise during the day, and some men find that the level is high during the mornings.

Testosterone supplement – When is it a good idea?

As per Mayo Clinic, testosterone therapy can assist you in treating hypogonadism, and this is a condition that occurs when the body can’t produce enough testosterone on its own. As per a study published by Nature Reviews Endocrinology, there has been found no such scientific reason to recommend testosterone to men who are aged above 65 years of age with normal or low levels.


Prostate and heart risks

Testosterone supplements may cause more trouble than they can solve, as studies have revealed some strong connection between supplements and heart issues. As per a 2010 study reported in the New England Journal of Medicine, some men above the age of 65 had an increase in heart issues and prostate problems when they take testosterone supplements.

Some side effects of testosterone therapy

Like some other medications and supplements, testosterone therapy also has a few side effects and risks. This is especially true when you start consuming such supplements for normal aging rather than treating a specific condition. Apart from this, it may also lead to few troubles like acne flares, sleep apnea, enlarged breasts, and shrinkage of testicles. Hence, you need to be careful before opting for testosterone therapy.

Whether or not testosterone supplements are perfect for your body is always considered a personal decision. If you’re someone who is into athletics, you should think twice before opting for such therapies. You may also go through to know more about testosterone therapy and its pros and cons.

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