3 Steps to Find the Right Armored Car for You

3 Steps to Find the Right Armored Car for You

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To find the best suited armored car for you, which would serve you for years to come, you just need to do a little research and planning. This article will discuss some tips that will help you find the right armored car for you. Choosing your armored car’s make and model is one of the most important things, which needs to be done preliminarily.

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Assess Your Protection Needs

The first thing you need to do before renting or buying an armored car is understanding what you need exactly. The best part about working with a company like Exec Armor is that they can, modify the armoring and the other things based on the threat level and your other needs. For instance, if you would be traveling through Africa, where AK-47’s is more prevalent, they will custom make your vehicle, which will be equipped with AK-47 protection. If you are traveling through Thailand or other Southeast Asian countries, the company will recommend you with some other protection. Unless the client feels that the threat level is enormous, and he/she needs to have something extra, which he/she can always have, the company recommends the armoring. When you go to an armoring company like Exec Armor, they will give you some questions to consider, which are for example, ‘How many people do you need to carry?’, ‘If you will drive under harsh weather conditions,’ ‘What are the safety features that you feel is important for you?’, ‘How much of a parking space do you actually have?’ etc.

Determine the Project Budget

Before going to a dealer like Exec Armor, you also need to determine how much you can actually spend for the armored car you are just going to buy. Since many materials go into the manufacturing of an armored car, it is priced slightly higher than normal cars. Even if you are buying a very low-end armoring with your car, it would still cost you higher than 30k plus the car’s actual price. Hence, determining how much you can spend from before the point of time is important. You’ll also need to think about your financing if you’ll pay in cash or take a lease or loan.


Compare Leasing and Buying

Sometimes you also need to consider if you want to lease a car or buy a car fully. Each has its own pros and cons. For instance, if you lease a car, the monthly payments are not high, and initially, you don’t need to make any down payments, but at the end of your lease period, you will have no car to drive. On the other hand, if you buy a car, you might have to pay a little more money, which would be expensive initially, but at the same time, when you have paid for the car, the car is yours, up till the time the car runs. Some other things to consider are, you should always consider other cars in the class which you want to buy. A company like exec armor can use either armor the vehicle that you own currently, r thve services where they will help you buy your car, which would be armored. If you have already considered what you would like to buy, call Exec Armor to know if that car would be good to armor. Exec Armor is a leader in the armoring industry and provides one of the best services for armored cars. Call them to know more.

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