Countries Where Travel Insurance is Mandatory

Countries Where Travel Insurance is Mandatory

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Traveling not only gives you a much-needed break from your mundane life but also helps you experience varied cultures. You make new friends and interact with people from different countries. It helps you create lifetime memories.

If you wish to embark on an international journey, you must consider certain aspects. If the country you are traveling to requires a visa, make sure you complete the necessary paperwork. Another important aspect is travel insurance. There are some countries that have mandated the requirement of a travel insurance plan.Web List Posting

Following are four countries that require you to avail of a travel insurance policy.

  1. Schengen countries

If you are traveling to any of the 26 Schengen countries, you have to show proof of a travel medical insurance policy before your visa is granted. An insurance plan is required for medical reasons, trip cancellation or interruption, lost or stolen baggage, missed flight, hijacking, travel delays, emergency hospitalization or death while on the territory of the Member States. The minimum coverage required is EUR 30,000.

  1. UAE

The Government of United Arab Emirates (UAE) requires that visitors have a valid travel health insurance at the time of application for a visit visa to the UAE. Dubai Health Authority (DHA) officials mandate that individuals should have a health insurance plan, without which resident or entry visas will not be processed.

  1. New Zealand

Appropriate health coverage is mandatory for students visiting New Zealand to pursue their higher education. According to the New Zealand Code of Practice and Pastoral Care for International Students, ‘appropriate health coverage’ includes coverage against medical expenses for treatment of illness and/or injury requiring hospitalization and/or surgery, medical evacuation, emergency dental treatment, cost for family members travel if the student suffers from a serious injury or illness.


  1. Russia

Another country that requires individuals to be covered under a travel health insurance policy is Russia. Obtaining a visa from Russia is impossible without availing of a medical insurance for travelers.

Apart from the aforementioned countries, a travel health insurance is mandatory in various other countries like the USA and Thailand. So if you are planning an international trip, ensure you have purchased international travel insurance.

A travel insurance plan provides coverage in case of any disruptions during your trip. In the case of an accident, sudden illness or a medical emergency, such insurance policy ensures that you are financially protected. It also covers expenses for cancellation of your flight due to technical issues or bad weather. There may also be instances where baggage may be lost or stolen in transit. Due to such benefits, it is imperative that you avail of a travel insurance plan.

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