Exploring Kolkata in a Self Drive Car

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Referred to many as The City of Joy, Kolkata is a smorgasbord of diverse cultures and communities. The quintessential flavors of Bengal welcome curious travelers in its many eat streets and famous commercial centers. It is also an important center of commerce for India’s entire East, making it a hub for business travel. The colonial architecture of the city lives on and attracts thousands of tourists. As an immersive destination, Kolkata travels around its old neighborhoods, and swanky new expansions are best done in a car.

Negotiating the Hustle

Kolkata can be a crazy experience for the uninitiated. The capital of West Bengal spreads far and wide, and business travel can involve long inner city transits. Traffic jams can suck the energy out of even the most enthusiastic traveler. A self-drive car allows drivers to choose alternative routes and avoid bottlenecks. Get to the important meeting on time and get there fresh.

Attractions of the City

There are many offbeat destinations within the city that one can experience easily with a self-drive car. Victoria Memorial and the buzzing Park Street are just some of the major hotspots for travelers in Kolkata. Kolkata’s Chinatown is a celebrated neighborhood that encapsulates the cosmopolitan nature of this city. A breakfast run here is always recommended. One can also explore the Mallick Ghat Market at the foot of Howrah Bridge, another city landmark. The Armenian Church near the Barabazar is close to 300 years old and worth a visit.

A Secure Way to Travel

Self-drive cab services in Kolkata also offer a very safe and secure way to travel around the sprawling city. Late-night travel or trips to deserted outskirts are no longer an inconvenient affair as travelers have a car at their disposal at all times. Solo business travelers enjoy the complete privacy that a rental car offers. Women travelers and those on a trip with family also enjoy the security assurance that modern car rentals provide. Zoomcar, one of India’s most popular rental platforms, offers 24/7 on-road support and GPS-enabled cars. Such features are not available in regular taxi services or public transport. It is straightforward to rent a car in this day and age. Travelers can pick it up at the airport or use an app to book one in the city.

Kolkata’s public transport is still a continuous work in progress and involves much waiting time and changing routes. Chauffeured taxis are expensive if one depends on them continuously, and they do not provide the flexibility that a rental car guarantees. This is why many informed travelers choose self-drive taxi services in Kolkata. It is affordable and makes no compromises on comfort and privacy. Importantly, it also allows the traveler to explore and experience an authentic city.

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