Driving Tips For Winter Season 

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If you are a winter person, then going on long road trips must be your favorite thing to do in winter. However, driving in winters can prove to be a bit risky, especially on a snowy day. So, you must know all the important tips that you need to follow while driving in winters.


#1. Don’t drive if it’s not urgent – The best way to stay safe in winters is to avoid driving when snow or ice is outside. However, if you can’t stay back home because of some urgency, make sure that you and your car are well prepared for safe winter driving.

#2. Keep your vehicle in a highly maintained state – For safe driving in winters, there are simple maintenance checks that you need to perform. Ensure that your windshield wipers are working properly and can completely clear the snow, rain, and ice from the windows. Check fluids and get them filled if needed. Moreover, verify that headlights and taillights are working properly to ensure maximum visibility.

#3. Minimize distractions – This is one of the best ways to stay safe on the road. Keep your phone turned off, and in case you have to take the call, then connect it to your car’s Bluetooth. Never take your eyes off the road or hands off the wheel to check it. Also, turn the radio off to fully focus on the road and other drivers.

#4. Limit your speed – While driving on winter roads, it is crucial to slow down if you want to keep away the slipping and sliding risk. Do notice the speed of other drivers on the road. It will help you in deciding your speed limit.

Don’t even go too slowly as it is as much risk as driving too fast. Maintain that speed at which you can easily control your vehicle on wet roads.


#5. Don’t slam on the brakes – Applying brakes correctly is the most crucial thing to stay safe on the snowy road. Slow, steady braking allows you plenty of time to come to a stop before a stop sign or light. When you step on the brakes, slowly and firmly apply the brake to keep your wheels from locking up.

#6. Make controlled and smooth movements – Be very smooth while taking turns and changing lanes. Don’t make quick and jerky movements as you can lose control of your vehicle, causing slip and skid. Make all movements on the road gently. Not only yours, but the safety of your co-passengers is also in your hands.

However, safe winter driving cannot always save you from trouble. So, you have to be prepared for the worst and make sure that you have emergency supplies in the car. Also, always have a number of a towing company on your speed dial so that you can contact them in case of breakdown.

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