EMI Shielding: Protection for Electrical Equipments

EMI Shielding: Protection for Electrical Equipments

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In today’s fast paced world, electronic equipment plays a key role in almost every aspect of our lives, especially communication. These electronic equipment comprise everything such as computers, radios, mobile phones, and other such equipment. Apart from being used by the common man, these equipment are also used by policemen to stay in touch with each other. Most of police equipment operates on different radio frequencies which can be interfered with by other electrical objects in the environment. Particular examples of interference are EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) and RFI (Radio Frequency Interference).Graet Gossip

The maximum amount of EMI emission comes from TEM radiation, which is the most commonly found type of interfering radiation. This amount of radiation is constantly on the rise because of one major factor- people buying computers and laptops that require high frequencies to perform well and function properly. The high amount of radiation emitted at a high frequency in turn makes it harder to shield other electronic equipment from the radiation discharged by these computer and laptop processors.

This high radiation and frequency emission has been seen to primarily affect mobile phones, computers, and laptops. This constant threat has led these device manufacturers to come up with newer, more advanced technology that allows this appliances to be as physically small as possible, weigh as less as possible, and provide maximum efficiency and value for money.

It is important for every device to work properly with no interference from other devices. In cases such as policemen, interference with electronic devices could be a question of life and death, safety and fear. Imagine a situation in which you are unable to contact you r local police station because the frequencies emitted by your desktop are interfering with the frequencies of your mobile phone! Isn’t that a scary thought?

It is therefore important for mobile devices and radio appliances that are used for communication to be shielded from interrupting frequencies and radiation. Electromagnetic shielding is a way to protect these devices from interfering radiation as it has a direct effect on the circuit speed and increases it.




Electromagnetic shielding is especially necessary in cases of small appliances that are tightly packed and are also highly sensitive. The appliances are shielded by the electromagnetic rays that reduce the interference by unwanted signals and so reducing the negative effect on frequencies being used to communicate. These rays simultaneously absorb and reflect the interfering frequencies so that radio signals are not interrupted.

EMI can be caused my man-made and natural sources. These include emissions from automobile emissions, thunderstorms, the Sun itself, and as mentioned above- emissions from mobile phones and laptops. EMI can interfere with radio transmissions as well as televisions. In a more negative connotation, EMI can be used intentionally to jam radios. This is a tactic used by those who participate in electronic warfare.

In order to keep up with the advanced standards of EMI shielding, newer devices being launched work by combining two methods- source suppression and containment.

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