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De diverse Formule 1-teams zijn klaar voor de Grand Prix van Canada. De wagens zijn door de technische keuring gegaan en onze technisch redacteuren Giorgio Piola en Matt Somerfield zochten naar nieuwigheden en innovaties.

Na de Grand Prix van Monaco, qua gemiddelde snelheid de langzaamste race op de kalender, is het F1-circus afgereisd naar het snelle Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal. Een groot verschil tussen de circuits. Daarom zijn de bolides behoorlijk aangepast voor het aankomende raceweekend. heeft een en ander op een rijtje gezet.


Ferrari SF70H voorvleugel detail

Ferrari SF70H voorvleugel detail
De voorvleugel van Ferrari vanaf de achterzijde gezien. Hier valt mooi te zien hoe alle elementen op elkaar zijn afgestemd om de gewenste luchtstromingen te creëren.

Three trends are not going away in regards to leadership.

As a leader, we can continue to deny the need to adapt to these trends or look at ways to take advantage of these trends to help us be better leaders and more successful business owners.


The three trends are:

Technology adaptation- maybe you are a reluctant late adapter to social media. Perhaps you have resisted the new tech updates in your company or may be struggling to work with a leader or co-worker who is not up to speed on the technology needed to do their jobs.

Wherever you are in your technology adaptation, we cannot deny or ignore that technology is continuing to shift the way we do business, how we do our jobs and how we work together.

Some people are afraid of what technology means in their industry and might put them out of a job. If you look at this fear, I want you to think of previous technological advances and how they shifted reality, but the world did not end.

For example, mobile device check-in did not eliminate ticket agents at the airport in the airline industry. Print your own baggage tag has not eliminated airline staff to help with luggage. When you go shopping- self serve to check out has not eliminated a person to help with the technology. It shifted what they do.

It is time to embrace the technology trend to the next level – what does that mean for you? Think about it, embrace the willingness to learn, and then do it.

Fast change- the pace of change is not slowing down any time soon; along with technological advances, the speed of change is inevitable. This trend means that we as leaders need to be more adaptable, resourceful, and proactive with our change responses. This means moving right on past the fear/immobilization and right into discovery, creativity, and future focus.

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