6 Tips for Succeeding in a Tech Field

6 Tips for Succeeding in a Tech Field

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As the world grows increasingly digital, technology jobs are increasing rapidly. There are lots of opportunities out there for driven, committed tech students. In fact, there are companies to work for in Seattle that guarantee great benefits and career growth for aspiring candidates. So if you count yourself among them here, are just a few ways to ensure that you find one of these jobs when you graduate.

1. Stay in the Loop

The amazing and frustrating thing about technology is that it never stops evolving. Even if you understand a software program today, you might be mystified by its new and improved version tomorrow. Technology isn’t a field where you can afford to be stagnant. If you’re serious about choosing it as a career path, you’ll need to be naturally inquisitive, always ready to learn new things.

2. Know Your Stuff

In the same vein as the above, the technology field isn’t one where you can bluff about your skills. If you say that you know how to configure a domain or build a database, you’d better be able to do it! The good news is that these things are easily learned, and what’s more, they can serve as the foundation for you to acquire bigger and better skills. It’s not hard to get into tech if you’re open-minded and willing to work hard.

3. Get Your Degree

You don’t necessarily have to go for a computer science degree just because you’re entering a field that uses computers. You can also major in finance, business management, information technology, and public administration. Schools like the University of Southern California will teach you how to leverage technology and public policy so that you’re equipped to deal with tech-related challenges in your chosen field.


4. Be Flexible

If a server goes down in the middle of the night, the technology experts are the people who will be expected to come in and fix it. You can’t be picky about your hours or commitments when you work in the tech field. Especially since the industry is dominated by the young, you have to be willing to prove that you’re always ready to face the next challenge, including challenges appearing at 2AM.

5. Develop a Thick Skin

This is especially important if you plan to enter a field like IT. You can’t work an IT job if you’re easily upset or flustered. It just isn’t a good match for this kind of personality type! It’s sad that many people won’t understand or appreciate your job, so you’ll need good communication skills to bring them to your level.

6. Network, Network, Network

The world of technology can be insular, so it won’t do you any good to stay on the sidelines or hide behind a computer screen. You’ll need to put yourself out there and forge connections with others from your industry. This is how you’ll hear about job openings before anyone else or know when to expect new software upgrades even before they hit the mass market.

These are just a few suggestions for succeeding in a tech-driven field. Whether you’re a young student looking for your first job or an old-timer ready to make a career change, use these tips to find success no matter where you go.

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