Top 3 Tips to Reduce Standby Power Loads

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Are you aware that when your computer, television, or any other electrical appliances are plugged in, they are continuously draining electricity all the time even you have turned them off? Yes, it happens! And this phenomenon is known as standby power. In this phenomenon, the electricity is consumed by the products when they are switched off and in standby mode. Generally, most people do not notice it. But trust in this, standby power is a big issue. It uses approximately 5 to 10 percent of the total residential energy.

Using a power strip, you can ascertain that electrical appliances do not consume electricity unnecessarily in their idle state. Thus, a power strip is a blessing to help reduce electricity bills.

Furthermore, there are several ways that you can practice to reduce the load of standby power and thus can save your money. To help you know what those tips are, we are here with this article. These include improving consumption practices at home, changing habits, and seeking better electricity providers. When it comes to saving power and money, there is always more than one reason to implement significant changes. Read on to know what the tips are that can help in reducing the standby power loads.

  1. Unplug the products – Unplugging the electrical appliance when not in use is the best way to save electricity, which otherwise is consumed in standby mode. No doubt, there are some appliances like refrigerators that you need to keep plugged in all the time. But they are not in standby mode. They are continuously working for you by keeping the food and drinks fresh. Important is to unplug items like microwave, toaster, and TV when not in use. They are not going to serve you 24 hours. So, make it a habit of unplugging the items when not in use.
  2. Make use of a power strip with switches – If you are too busy or are too lazy to unplug every product, then using a power strip can be the best alternative for you. To plug in your appliances, make use of power strips with on/off switches. They are truly very advantageous. When all of your appliances are plugged in the power strip, but the power strip is off, there is no electricity wastage. When your items are not in use, then turning off the power strip switch means that no electricity is being consumed in standby mode. Also, you can plug multiple devices into your power strip, which makes it even more beneficial. They are available in the market at very affordable prices and help you save on your energy bills.
  3. Use ENERGY STAR products only – ENERGY STAR products are energy efficient and consume less or no energy in standby mode than non-ENERGY STAR products. Therefore, always look for ENERGY STAR products when you go to buy energy appliances. They will not only save energy but also reduce your electricity bills to a great extent.

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