High Voltage Line Construction – Basics of Electric Power Transmission

High Voltage Line Construction – Basics of Electric Power Transmission

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Electricity is generated through a system of power transmission in which power generated in power plants is transmitted to substations and then dispersed to areas of high population. This is also known as electricity distribution. The three major grids is North America- Western Interconnection, the Eastern Interconnection and the ERCOT or Electric Reliability Council of Texas require high voltage line construction and maintenance. These three major grids are responsible for the power supply to the whole continent.

For a long period in history only one company used to manage the transmission and distribution along the high voltage line. However, now there are separate electricity transmission companies and distribution companies with the more freedom allowed in the electricity market. In the past these two worked collectively but now the transmission companies are the ones that lay the high voltage power lines.

There are mainly three types of alternating current or AC possible in high voltage line construction and different transmission lines in use. The three-phase AC is most common and the one-phase alternating current is used primarily in railway electrification systems. For long distances, the submarine power cables are used and for even longer distances, more than 400 miles, the high voltage lines are preferred.

Due to higher efficiency of high voltage transmission over long distance, it is preferred over the other types of currents. Underground power stations can cost a lot and therefore high voltage line construction projects go on through overhead power lines. Underground power stations and transmission lines require much more manpower and different kinds of tools to build. Those working in this field are required to be familiar with the major distribution and generation networks as well as the various possibilities in the work of power line technicians. One should have knowledge about the right power tools to ensure that the safety procedures are being followed.





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