Use mobiles, tap WhatsApp: Maoist paper reveals propaganda machine tech

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The 25-page file, recovered after a stumble upon in April, states that for the first time, cadre as much as the extent of divisional commander had been allowed the use of cell phones and pills for easy get entry to reading fabric.
Do no longer convey mobile telephones with SIM playing cards, do not get admission to websites on the radar of Intelligence companies, shop important documents in reminiscence cards, and faucet WhatsApp. These are some of the guidelines issued by way of the Maoist management in Chhattisgarh to the cadre, marking a full-size update in their propaganda’s tech machinery, consistent with a file retrieved through country police. The 25-web page file, recovered after an encounter in April, states that for the first time, cadre as much as the extent of divisional commander have been allowed using mobile telephones and tablets for clean access to reading material.
Read sector of operations in three states.

As The Indian Express suggested Tuesday, the report additionally famous plans to create a brand new zone of operations along the kingdom’s western border, covering wallet in districts which include Balaghat in Madhya Pradesh, Gondia in Maharashtra, and northern Rajnandgaon and components of Kabirdham and Mungeli in Chhattisgarh. The record, which describes the brand new location as the MMC (Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh Confluence) quarter, confirms that “cellular telephones and WhatsApp” are now getting used to unfold statistics approximately the celebration in those regions.

Under a paragraph titled “The unfold of propaganda,” the report states: “Propaganda is being finished thru pamphlets, banners, posters, statements and nowadays through cellular phones and WhatsApp. After making selections, we need to concentrate quickly on propaganda material, and this needs to additionally be deliberate… We cannot rely handiest on computer systems.” In a separate section on the use of cell phones and tablets, it says permission has been granted to cadre up to the level of divisional commander for “management expansion and the convenience of studying cloth as opposed to carrying books”. These are a number of the opposite guidelines noted in the report, which became tested by way of The Indian Express:

# “Sim cards need to not be used in these phones. Every digital tool has a microchip that conducts its primary functioning. And each one has an IEMI variety that recognizes different devices. These days, each cell phone or pill has GPS monitoring facilities. When your cell phone comes into cell provider or WiFi internet service, it gets registered on their servers.”

# “It is inaccurate to trust that places are not revealed if you download from the net. Special websites are under the watch of intelligence corporations, and it is mentioned that what site is being accessed from where how generally. This must be saved in thoughts at the same time as downloading.”


# “Do not preserve important files inside the inbuilt memory of phones. Keep these in a separate reminiscence card and use it when wanted. For other documents, preserve a separate memory card.”

# “Attach your tool to an up to date computer and scan for viruses every six months. Acquire an anti-virus that can be put within the smartphone if viable.”

# Keep WiFi switched off at the telephones. When a download is required, give your device permission, otherwise typically keep it at the mode wherein permission is not granted. Switch on Bluetooth when required or hold it off.”
Senior Chhattisgarh Police officers, who’ve studied the report, informed The Indian Express that this shift in stance changed into likely because of reasons.

“Often, after an exchange of fireplace, even though there are not any casualties, the Maoists ought to go away their camps in a hurry, leaving fabric behind. This literature tells us of their repute, strength, and other strategic factors. If they begin to use memory cards in phones, which they bring about on their character, we will be probably most effective get these records if there is an arrest or a frame recovered,” stated an officer.

“Secondly, even though there are connectivity blackout regions deep inside the forests of Rajnandgaon and Kabirdham, the cell community is higher than in Bastar. That may also have brought on this choice because there may be a need to evolve,” the officer said. According to cops, the instructions, believed to had been drafted through the “MMC main crew,” may also have been exceeded directly to different vicinity committees and zones as nicely.

“This would now not have happened without the clearance of the valuable committee or senior management, and it’s far possible that these standards apply to components of or whole zones, divisions, and committees as nicely,” stated another officer.

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