Manage Your Heating Bill: How to Save Money on Heating Oil

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When days and nights are getting colder and colder, it’s tempting to just crank up the thermostat. However, if you are using heating oil, you’re probably complaining about how expensive it can be if you’re consuming too much oil.

Manage Your Heating Bill: How to Save Money on Heating Oil 1

Keeping your home warm during winter is essential. However, you cannot just use heating oil as much as you can. You can still warm your home while managing your heating oil bills at the same time.

There are some things you can do to save on heating oil costs. The key is to be as energy-efficient as possible; that is, by making smart choices and through conservation. However, you can save better with the help of professionals. You are looking to save money on your heating oil bill? You can check out Boiler Juice.

Here are some tips and simple tricks you can try to cut your monthly heating oil bill:

1.Schedule a tune-up.

If your heating system is not in good condition, it will not efficiently heat up. This means that it will just consume more oil but provide less heat. To save money, it’s wise if you schedule a regular tune-up right before the cold months arrive. About this, you must also consider the age of your heating system. Older heating systems require more repairs, which can be costly. It would be wise to just buy a newer but more energy-efficient heating system.

2.Program your thermostat.

Instead of manually changing the thermostat, it is better to program it for when you are home or away. Schedule the thermostat based on your work schedule. It’s more money-saving that way.

3. Seal updrafts.

It’s easy to check if there’s a draft. If you can feel cold air coming from the bottom of the door or the edge of a window, then there’s a draft. This does not only mean that cold air is coming inside; it also means that heated air is leaking outside. It’s a waste of energy, and yes, a waste of money. Be sure to use a door draft blocker and re-caulk the windows to seal updrafts.

4. Remove any obstruction.

If curtains, furniture, and other stuff are blocking the heating vents and ducts, then your home will not properly heat up. The thermostat will just work harder but less efficiently, hence, wasting energy. Be sure to keep the vents and ducts free of any obstruction.

5. Bundle up.

Don’t solely rely on the heating system. You can keep yourself warm by putting on some hoodie, or wearing more layers, or sipping on coffee or hot tea. That way, you won’t have to crank up the heat that high.

6. Track your energy use.

By keeping track of your energy usage, you can better manage your heating oil consumption. There are tons of energy-tracking apps you can download on your device for free.

One more thing, you can save some money by getting automated heating oil delivery. It’s more convenient as well. In sum, these money-saving tips all boil down to the same thing: being smart about your heating oil consumption.

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