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It is that time of the year when your inflatable boats are no longer used and have to be safely kept away. Remember that proper storage and timely maintenance helps you to keep your boat going in a good condition for 5 to 10 years or even more. Here ae some essentials tips on how to store your boats effectively. Read more to find out.

Even before you store your boat anywhere it is highly important that you first wash it properly using soap and warm water. Refrain from using any type of solvents such as ammonia or bleach for the cleaning purpose. Use only those products that are specifically designed and certified for cleaning the fabric. The solution could be easily available at your nearby marine store. Also do not use a steel scrub for cleaning as it might cause wear and tear to the fabric. Understand that investing at the right products helps in keeping your boat secure for years. Also check that you don’t leave behind any sticky residue on the fabric. Once you are done cleaning, make sure that you provide sufficient time for the boat to dry before keeping it away. While choosing the storage location for your boats, select a place that is dry, spotless and is not easily affected by any changes in temperature or by any other harming natural variables. Also check that the place you chose is free of rodents as they tend to bite the fabric. In case you are storing the boat inside your garage, do not keep it on the floor but on a raised platform.

One of the easiest ways to store your boat is by completely covering it using an UV resistant tarp and keeping it outside on a trailer. But it is always better to bring the frame inside as there is a possibility of the edge pipes bursting when they freeze due to the cold weather.

Rather than keeping it completely deflated it would be better if you consider storing it with some air inside or try keeping it half filled. This is possible only when you have sufficient storage space and when there are no packing issues. Let the remaining natural air inside the tubes stay and don’t try to use a vacuum to push it out. It is always better to keep the boat full and firm. Tighten all the valve caps and check if they are in the right place.

Keeping your boats outside for a longer duration may cause harm to the fabric caused by over exposure to the sun rays. Therefore it is highly essential to store the boats in a dark and cool place and shielding it from exposure to direct daylight. One way to tackle this problem is by utilizing protectants that block the harmful ultra violet radiations. All you have to do is simple spray it on the fabric, this protects it from discoloration or cracks. You don’t have to do it regularly, even spraying the fabric using protectant once in a year is also sufficient.

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