EMI in Industrial Automation

EMI in Industrial Automation

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EMI in Industrial Automation

Electromagnetic Interference, known as EMI shortly, is the disturbance or disruption caused in an electronic device’s operation due to the radio frequency spectrum of another shielding, it often causes noises in power source lines.

To minimize the impact of EMI, it is important to consider the topology and the distribution of the wiring, types of cables, and protection techniques. The cables can work as a transmission system in high frequencies; with crossed and confused lines, they can reflect and scatter energy from one circuit to another. Hence it is crucial to keep the connection in good condition. Inactive connectors can operate before RF detectors by developing resistance.

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Below are some general guidelines to limit EMI effects-

  • When it comes to technical problems, do not be neglectful, imprudent, irresponsible, or incompetent. Try to get to the root of the problem or get immediate help from an expert.
  • Be well informed about the system you are working with before starting work as each plant has its own safety details.
  • Adhere to the safety practices and physical references that are in place for the area.
  • Keep the terminals and wiring from contacting each other and act safely, as an electric shock may occur due to high voltage.
  • If any equipment is installed incorrectly, it may damage the system’s performance and be a potential source of danger and accidents. Therefore it is advisable to get the installation, operation, and maintenance jobs done by trained professionals.

Take note of the standards that guarantee adequate signal levels and the safety demanded by the application before beginning the automation project.


Preventive maintenance actions must be taken annually to check each on the grounding system to ensure each connection’s quality concerning robustness, reliability, and low impedance while also checking that there is no corrosion and contamination.

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