Is Samsung developing a custom GPU for its own mobile devices?

Is Samsung developing a custom GPU for its own mobile devices?

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With Samsung also inside the chipset commercial enterprise, it turned into likely predicted that they would broaden their own GPU (images processing unit) for cell devices, no matter some of the alternatives to be had from other suppliers. In truth, it becomes these other producers that in all likelihood prompted the delay in this development, as Samsung started out to use ARM’s GPU chips in its Exynos processors. Now, Samsung just is probably equipped to make its personal GPUs. Reports from insiders at Samsung say that this new GPU being advanced for Samsung’s own cell gadgets is tentatively referred to as the “S-GPU.” More thrilling is the reality that this GPU is predicted to update the ARM graphics chips within the Exynos processors beginning next year; assets say that this will be taking place after the stated new chips were absolutely examined.

Is Samsung developing a custom GPU for its own mobile devices? 1

Once Samsung does this, its Exynos chips can be fully custom-made in that it might include custom CPU cores (albeit based totally on ARM designs and licenses) and custom GPU cores. This will make the Exynos middle at par with Qualcomm chips – fully custom made. Industry pundits say that these first-technology Samsung GPU cores want to be more powerful than contemporary technology answers from ARM, PowerVR, and Qualcomm – if the Korean giant is hoping to make a huge splash in the cutthroat chipset marketplace. They say that this new GPU also needs to help Vulkan and feature a sturdy performance when utilized in VR apps and video games.

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Smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices must be secured at all times, particularly when they are being used in public (e.g., in an airport). Users should be alert to the threat of having their equipment physically stolen and should take extraordinary steps to protect their data is stored or transmitted. Smartphones and mobile digital equipment, in reality, are at a much greater risk of being lost, damaged, or compromised than a networked computer. Smartphones can easily be stolen, but they can also function as a conduit for malware transfer when they are synced or used to exchange information with network computers. Now that mobile digital devices are so powerful, it’s fair to suggest the damage that can be done by the loss of a mobile device can be just as bad as by any other means.


You should make every effort to learn how to secure your mobile digital equipment.

Dr. William G. Perry is an information security specialist.

Computing on the go faces all of the typical threats and vulnerabilities and several new ones. Smartphones or notepads can be individually targeted. Cybercriminals, for example, can gain access to your confidential information by simply observing your work. There are other vulnerabilities. “Texting,” for example, has been known to deliver malware to unsuspecting users that can allow cybercriminals to completely compromise an entire hardware platform.

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