5 Tips for a Low-maintenance Garden

5 Tips for a Low-maintenance Garden

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Has your garden become less of a hobby and more of an everyday chore?

You’re likely spending too much time and effort on its upkeep and not spending enough time enjoying the fruits of your labour.

Convenience is an important part of our modern lifestyle, especially as we’re spending less time away from home and more time on the road. Despite this, our homes are still sanctuaries to enjoy, so keeping a tidy house and a peaceful garden helps to create a sense of balance in our chaotic lives.

Gardens can be particularly demanding and what was once considered a hobby is now considered by many a chore, at the very least it’s fallen on the list of our priorities. The physical and time-consuming nature of gardening puts many homeowners off the idea, as they let their gardens become overgrown and uninhabitable.

This doesn’t have to be the case though, designing and creating a low-maintenance garden means you can enjoy more of your garden as you spend less time keeping weeds at bay.

Reduce High Maintenance Plants:

Before purchasing anything for your garden, take the time to consider what will be required to maintain it.

Get into the habit of learning how much maintenance a plant or garden feature needs before making a purchase. This preparation will save both time and effort later on as some plants need more attention than others in order to thrive. Don’t be afraid to ask local garden enthusiasts or experts for advice and information.

There are many low-maintenance plants available that will make your garden look great. Stick to plant-types like Shrubs, Climbers, and Perennials.

Automated Watering:

Watering plants is an important part of their growth, but it’s no secret that watering is time-consuming and physically demanding. Especially as some plants need watering more than once a day.

It becomes a harder task when using a watering can or a small hose. Instead, consider putting a water timer on your garden hose sprinklers. Once installed, you’ll be able to set it and focus on other important tasks.

Bark Mulch:

When weeds take a hold it’s hard to keep on top of them, especially with limited amounts of time to spend in the garden.

Using bark mulch is a great solution to keeping a low-maintenance garden as they have many benefits. Not only do they make gardens look great when layered above the soil, they also suppress weeds from growing.

This organic substance is often used by experienced gardeners and is relatively cheap when comparing it to money spent on weed killer.

Artificial Grass:

Depending on the size of your garden, your lawn can often be the most demanding of your time.

The perfect lawn looks healthy and evergreen but it’s very hard for the everyday gardener to achieve this naturally. To achieve the perfect lawn naturally, it not only takes a lot of effort but can be financially demanding.

Consider getting artificial grass for your garden to get a great looking lawn without needing the resources to maintain and upkeep. Take a look at https://www.artificiallawn.co.uk/ to find artificial grass that best suits your needs.

No Pond Life:

It’s easy to get carried away with elaborate water features and a pond full of wildlife, but this will only contribute to the upkeep of your garden.

From filtration systems to fish food, adding wildlife to a pond requires your daily attention and more maintenance.

If you’re after a low-maintenance garden, consider a still pond with ornaments as an alternative or avoid water features altogether.


Your garden should be a place to relax and enjoy, it shouldn’t be a task. Start planning your low-maintenance garden today to make the most of your time at home.

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