How To Create A Peaceful Bedroom Atmosphere

How To Create A Peaceful Bedroom Atmosphere

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When it’s time to hit the hay, you want a bedroom that promotes relaxation and sleep. You can do that with the right colors and the right comforts. It’s just a matter of knowing what works for you when it comes to peace and quiet. For some people, sleep can’t come without background noise, and for others, complete darkness is a must.

How To Create A Peaceful Bedroom Atmosphere 1

An Accent Wall

Start with an accent wall, which will help pull your whole room together. A single color, an art piece accent, fabric wall coverings, wallpaper, patterned looks, and geometric designs are just some of the options you can choose from when it comes to creating an accent wall in your bedroom.

Opt for warm and calming colors, like a deep orange or burgundy. Blue is another color that can promote peace and relaxation.

Picking A Comfortable Bed

You definitely need to have the right bed. You want something that is not too firm and not too soft. There are many options for beds out there, so why not take some time to shop around and test some out (in-store, of course).

You may also want to consider your bed frame. While you don’t always need a headboard, a frame helps keep the bed at a good height for getting in and out of bed. If you want a headboard, you may want to go for something simple, something with an intricate design, or maybe you want one that doubles as a bookshelf.

The Right Lighting

The right lighting is also important if you want your bedroom to be relaxing. Go for soft lighting. You might not be keeping the light on for long, but too bright of lighting can mess with your inner clock tricking your body into thinking it’s still time to be awake.

If you like to read at night, in bed, get a nice bedside light that is bright enough to not strain your vision but dim enough to allow you to still grow tired.


Leaving The World Behind

While reading in bed can help promote sleep for some people, leave the technology out of your bedroom. The blue screens you stare at all day, from your television to your tablet, do a lot to trick your brain into thinking it’s still daytime, and it could be affecting your vision as well.

Save television watching for the living room, and don’t even have one in your bedroom. If you feel like you need to mess around on Facebook on your smartphone when you lay down at night, just don’t do it. Use a real alarm clock and leave your phone in another room.

The right bedroom, with the right amount of darkness, a fresh, clean scent, and as little or as much noise as you need, can be the perfect place to get the beautiful sleep you need.

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