Dreaming about a Career in Fashion? Here are 7 Wonderful Fashion Courses You Can Take!

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You may not know it, but fashion is quite a versatile industry in terms of the opportunities and careers you can pursue. Although creating and designing new outfits is one of the main roles and careers in fashion, there are several other wonderful chances for growth and success. That said, here is a list of fashion courses that you can consider if you truly want to get started or thrive in the fashion industry:

Fashion Designer Education Qualification and Career Information

Textile Design

As the name suggests, this course focuses on the manufacturing and designing fabrics and textiles used in creating clothes for fashion. Textile design is considered the backbone of fashion because without any textiles to work with, models will not have anything to wear and present on ads, and shows and brands will not have a canvas to use for their campaigns. Some schools offer different courses for different types of textile and fabric.

Fashion Business

The fashion business involves learning about the foundations and structures that help sustain the fashion industry. It is a perfect option for individuals who may not be big on the creative and construction side of fashion, but have a strong mindset and prefer being in control over how different styles, collections, shows, products, and campaigns are being run, marketed, and merchandised.


Similar to textiles, accessories also play a big role in completing an outfit or design. From jewelry to headpieces to bags and eyewear, crafting accessories is a major component in fashion. Most courses in designing accessories also teach you how to market and produce your creations through different channels. It likewise lets you experiment on various materials and fabrics.


Some short courses in fashion teach students how to conceive their own textile patterns or translate their ideas into a signature look. To do this, you are required to learn fashion from its roots.

Applied Fashion Design

A course in Applied Fashion Design is more in-depth, and it also covers everything that happens in the production or creation of a design. From building and molding a sketch or design idea to creating the textiles and accessories to constructing and completing the final look to discovering strategies in marketing and reproducing garments—this course will give you tons of subjects and topics to absorb for your career.

Public Relations for Fashion Design

Do you find yourself excelling in promoting products, creating and sustaining social networks with different groups of people, and enticing people to follow or try design or collection? If you answered yes to any of that, perhaps you should focus on building a career around public relations for fashion design. In this course, your focus is on overseeing how campaigns are being disseminated to the public, how products or designs are being distributed, and you might also be closely involved in controlling how the public reacts to and interprets a specific advertisement.

Retail and Fashion Merchandise Management

This course is somewhat similar to Applied Fashion; its coverage may not be as vast and in-depth as the latter. It concentrates more on managing and organizing retail stores and merchandised products for different brands, designers, and collections. Fashion will not be as successful without a group of forward-thinking professionals. They can devise alternative ways on how to keep the production and purchasing of these products smooth-sailing. Use this list to broaden your options in the fashion industry. Ensure that, whichever of these fashion courses you choose, you will give every subject your 101%!

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