Ideas for Designing a Contemporary Kitchen

Ideas for Designing a Contemporary Kitchen

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People are drawn towards fine edges, smart color combinations, and minimalistic shapes that characterize contemporary decor styles with the changing time. Kitchens have become more inviting with the introduction of spaces where you can spend quality time with your friends.

Every kitchen requires the basic things- organized, functional and calming spaces with plenty of room for personal touches. Even if you have a congested kitchen, adding features can make it spacious and classy.

Contemporary Kitchen

Whether you are looking for some bright and whimsical touches or focus on monochromatic and sophisticated decor, the points discussed below will help you think out of the box. Have a look!

1) Choose Contemporary Shapes-

Choose contemporary shapes to design a contemporary kitchen; this could be achieved by building a structure that embodies modern styles. Add colors and materials that bring warmth to the kitchen. Let’s have a look at other features-

  • Cabinets- Install cabinets that are glossy or matte; utilize the maximum space by incorporating flat cabinets.
  •  Cabinet Pulls- Modern style kitchens cabinets lack handles and pull, which means the designers add press-touch technology or channel pulls to maintain a clean look.
  • Hidden Appliances- Appliances can be hidden into the countertops and taken out through a press-button technology when required. This will help reduce the chaos that is mostly seen on countertops.

2) Add Sleek Flooring

Kitchen floors must be selected carefully. Materials that look like wood or concrete can be used, or you can go with your choice, but the idea is to eliminate the old vintage and rustic look. Classic hardwood panels and the sleek grittiness of polished tiles can work wonders. Patterns in contemporary floors must be avoided- either subtle or not at all.

3) Play with Lights

Lighting provides a perfect room to play with design and create visual depth. Instead of going for classic pendant lighting fixtures, go for a clustered pair of long, narrow, and cylindrical pendants. Another thing to opt for could be sculptural lighting fixtures to add more drama.

Natural light has the capacity to make your kitchen look brighter and spacious if you have white decor. Therefore, ensure that your kitchen has windows for welcoming the natural light, making your kitchen appear airy and comfy.

4) Play with Asymmetry

When you hire a kitchen designer, he knows how to play with symmetrical and asymmetrical figures in your kitchen. He can add asymmetrical features that draw your attention, which creates the coolest contrast with the linear and neat placements of objects throughout your kitchen- the light, the countertops, and the island.

5) Go for Shine

We know that stainless steel is the showstopper for modern kitchens, but people are attracted to the high shine, edgy look of a mirrored island. The shiny gold mirror brings some glamour and blends with other elements like hanging lighting fixtures, swirls of pink in the marble countertops, and stainless steel.

6) Go green

Greenery is essential for a modernized kitchen. Planting herbs outside the kitchen window or on the work station countertops will add to the freshness and are eatable simultaneously.

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