AddaChats – The Indian App for the Indians

AddaChats – The Indian App for the Indians

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Most of us use WhatsApp as a single means of communication these days. Apart from the communication needs, there is yet another focus on showing off one’s status on WhatsApp, or even the recently introduced Stickers feature. Are you looking for the best options to create new WhatsApp status, or want to check out the options for downloading new WhatsApp stickers? We present an excellent option that should help you achieve the task – with ease and simplicity.

AddaChats is an excellent option for those looking to the best communication option with your friends and colleagues. It doubles up as one of the excellent options for sharing jokes, status videos, WhatsApp status and even videos for the special occasions like Makar Sankranti, Pongal and several other occasions.

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You will also have access to plenty of funny videos, trending videos or even Shayaris if that is what appeals to you. AddaChats is a completely free service and lets you communicate in eight major Indian languages. This should be one of the prime factors that makes it a popular option with the Indian diaspora. The fact that it has become a popular option in a shortest time in itself should be an indication that it has caught up with the expectations of the Indian users.

What are the Features that it offers you?

Unlike WhatsApp that needs you to save the contact numbers of the people you want to converse with, Adda lets you share your ideas and other content even with the strangers. The app is available for free and can be used in eight major Indian languages viz Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati.

Some of the salient features that the app offers you would be

  • You get cash rewards for every friend you add onto the network. This cash rewards can be used for earning friends.
  • It offers you access to more than lakh trending Indian videos, most of them can even be viral.
  • The latest addition of the chat feature lets you talk to the strangers and create bonds of friendship with them
  • Apart from using it to establish contact with strangers, the app can also double up as the best means of downloading trending videos, funny videos, WhatsApp status videos and stickers and even useful content.
  • You can even create your own content and share it across the network in your groups or through individual contacts.

Want to become an internet celebrity within no time? Share your videos and other content and ear fans and friends in no time. In fact, the app also provides you with access to the top ten trending videos every day.

The access to multiple language functionality and stress on the Indic languages is what makes it popular enough with the local population which has no affinity towards WhatsApp, Facebook or any other similar mainstream social media networks.

What do we look Ahead to the app?

The Indian Social media network has been witnessing a steady growth over the last few years. Given the kind of content that it hosts and the popularity it has gained, thanks to the kind of content, the Adda app has a great future in the Indian context.

It ably understands the impact of the mediums like WhatsApp and thus focusses on serving the needs of the WhatsApp users as well. In fact, it has even been making use of the recently launched WhatsApp functionality of stickers and lets you download the WhatsApp stickers for almost every occasion. No need to go with multiple applications to download your favorite genre of WhatsApp stickers.

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In Conclusion

Well, we would foresee a bright future ahead for the Adda Chats app. It should be the perfect options for the people Bharat, rather than India and we do look ahead to its further development as the only popular social media network made in India, for the Indians and used by the Indians across different cultures and ethnicities.

Given the fact that they have understood what the market is looking for, we expect the app to grow further and one day become the WhatsApp of India.

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