TheOneSpy Android Mobile Parental Control & Monitoring Software

TheOneSpy Android Mobile Parental Control & Monitoring Software

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The parental controls enable parents to monitor and control the digital behavior of their children and get them understand the importance of screen limits. There are various mobile parental control and monitoring apps readily available out of which we have reviewed the top-notch mobile spy software TheOneSpy. The application is intended for parents to supervise the mobile phone activities of children and remotely control certain functionalities of their devices. It enables parents to keep tabs on the digital world of their children and safeguard them from the predators, bullies, scammers, online crimes and sexually explicit stuff.Try Know

How does the Monitoring Software Work?

First, you need to subscribe the mobile parental control software to get it installed on the Android mobile phone of your kid. After the installation, the app instantly gets activated and fetches the data saved on the hard disk of the monitored Android device including the photos, emails, text and instant messages and contacts. The app uploads the data to TOS account from where parents can monitor the phone data and send commands to remotely operate their kids’ Android devices.

What are the Features?

The Android tracking app offers a wide range of features to supervise the activities performed on the monitored mobile phone. Read on to know the core features of TheOneSpy Android app for spying

Monitor Messages

Do you know what type of messages your kids are exchanging with peers? There is no need to get their phones to see their messages because the Android parental control app lets you read the text and instant messages received and sent by your kids right on the TOS account. You can log into that account and see the message content and the phone number of the message sender and receiver.

Tap Phone Calls

The mobile surveillance app lets you hear the calls of your kids through call recording feature. The app automatically records the inward and outward calls of your children and uploads the recorded calls on TOS account from where you can listen to these calls and see the contact information of callers and recipients.




Call Interception

As well as call recording, the spy app offers the feature of call interception. If you find out that your kid is receiving threatening phone calls from a bully or communicating with a child predator, you can block incoming calls from those scoundrels.

Track GPS Location

The GPS location tracking feature enables parents to stay informed of the whereabouts of kids. It lets you know the exact current location of your offspring and also shows their location history.


You can mark numerous locations to create a virtual boundary around your children. The spy app offers geo-fencing to prevent your kid from entering the unsafe zones. If your kid enters the dangerous marked location, the spy app notifies you about the entrance and exit of your kid.

Monitor Surroundings

Surround monitoring is among the most advanced features of the Android tracking app. You can keep an eye on the surroundings of your kid when he is away from home. No matter wherever your kid is and whatsoever he is doing, you can see where is he and what is he doing. The spy app lets you control the camera and microphone of the mobile phone of your kid so you can see and listen to his surroundings. You can remotely send a command to the monitored Android phone to capture photos or record short videos or record surrounding sounds and voices.

Monitor Internet Use

The parental control app lets you monitor the web activities of your children. You can see the websites your kids are spending time on and the time to visit these websites. This feature lets you ensure your tees are not visiting objectionable or age-inappropriate sites. However, the app does not offer website blocking on the Android phone.

View Photos and Videos

The photos saved on the mobile phone of your kid get uploaded to the parental control app account. You can remotely see the photos, videos and audios hidden and deleted from the targeted phone, and can download these media files as well.

Read Emails

Like messages, you can monitor the emails of your children received and sent through their Gmail accounts. The parental control app lets you read the content of the emails and see the email address of the email disseminator and receiver.


The strokes applied to the on-screen keyboard of the Android phone of your kids can be stored with the mobile monitoring app. Parents can use these keystrokes to log into the online accounts of their kids.

Control Apps

The Android tracking app allows parents to control the mobile apps installed on their kids’ phones. They can remotely operate these apps and block or uninstall the unwanted or age-inappropriate apps.

Lock & Unlock Phone

The app allows parents to remotely control the targeted Android phone. They can remotely lock the phone in case of loss or theft to prevent the thief from accessing the data stored on the device.

Manage Phonebook

You can see the contacts saved on the Android phone of your kid including the name, phone number and other relevant information of the contact. The spy app allows you to add new numbers and delete unwanted numbers from the phone without accessing it.

Compatible Devices

The parental control app is compatible with the popular Android phone brands including Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola and HTC among others. The supported Android operating system versions are Android OS 2.3 to Android OS 7.1. Also, the app works with all mobile phone networks.


The price of TheOneSpy Android monitoring software varies with package plans and subscription period. The one-month subscription to the Android Lite package costs around $18 while the one-month subscription to the Android Premier package is $50.


Of the parental control apps presently available TheOneSpy cell phone spying is a reliable and feature-rich application. It monitors the internet use of children and tracks their activities in the real and online world.


Aline is blogger and writer at TheOneSpy. She mostly writes about digital parenting tips, mobile phones technology, and social media privacies for children. To know more about her follow her on Twitter @AlineCarrara7

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