Maruti Brezza to Jeep Compass: 8 affordable India-made cars that are SUPER safe according to NCAP

Maruti Brezza to Jeep Compass: 8 affordable India-made cars that are SUPER safe according to NCAP

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Security is dependably a vital issue when it comes to vehicles, manufactured in the Indian states. The association Global NCAP is in charge of assessing the wellbeing and safety levels that the automobile companies present in the vehicle. Statistics demonstrate that automobile makers in India disregard the security features. Consequently, this association guarantees legitimate assessment of the vehicles on the terms of safety. The NCAP started in the year 2014 and guarantees safety in vehicles from that point forward. Since its beginning, the association tested more than twenty-five automobile models and their variations present in the market today. After testing the cars, NCAP gives a rating to car models, which determines the safety level of the car.

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List of safe cars

There are different automobiles present in the market. Each provides a different set of features and comfort level. A few cars that possess high NCAP ratings are:

Jeep Compass – This Indian manufactured car model exports to several countries across the world, which includes Australia as well. The Australian tested Jeep Compass and rated it five stars based on security features. Notwithstanding double airbags, the auto likewise has electronic control.

Tata Nexon – This car model provides great comfort to its passengers. The effective structure nature of this model guarantees security in circumstances of accidents. NCAP gave a four-star rating to the automobile for guaranteeing the safety of grown-ups and three-star for youngsters. The outside body is steady and the automobile contains front airbags ensuring safety measures in all its variant options.

Maruti Brezza – This Suzuki model is a hit utility car in the nation. NCAP gave a rating of four stars to this auto vehicle. The association appraised four stars for security features of grown-ups and two stars for wellbeing features of youngsters.

Volkswagen Polo – The association NCAP rejected the initial model of this car, as it lacked airbags. The later form discharged by the organization had double airbags after which NCAP tested the vehicle and gave it a four-star rating this time for securing grown-ups and a three-star rating for the safety of children.

Hyundai Creta – It is a well-known SUV display in India and even got a four-star rating from NCAP. The automobile has a stable outside structure.

Mahindra XUV – Mahindra is a prominent brand both in an Indian and abroad market. The Australians tested this automobile, gave a four-star rating for both frontal and side impacts.

Toyota Etios – The vehicle is available at very affordable prices, supports front airbags and receive a four and two-star rating for the safety of adult and children respectively.

Volkswagen Vento – There are two distinct variations of the model and both got five-star rating for security measures.

Neglecting to get a high evaluating from NCAP implies that automobile cannot meet the security gauges. Normally, autos having rating four or more are relatively more secure than autos with a rating beneath this stamp. Vehicles like Jeep Compass, Volkswagen Vento, and Maruti Brezza are some extraordinary models available in the market that have standard security features.



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