Single Page Application: The Hottest Trend in 2021?

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The Single Page Application is fast becoming one of the most popular trends in app development due to fast loading times on your smartphone device. This innovative approach marries the public’s demand for their mobile experience with the comprehensive website experience of a laptop or desktop.

Single Page

Essentially, long loading times will prevent an app from retaining visitors. In turn, this will mean less revenue over time. So if you are looking to create an app with, you will have to keep it in mind.

Read on for everything you need to know about Single Page Applications.

BankMyCell, out of the world’s smartphone-using population, most people will wait up to two seconds for a web page to load. However, more than half of those people will leave if they wait longer than three seconds. As such, Google suggests an app download time of fewer than two seconds. Furthermore, once the site is downloaded, it should respond in less than 100 milliseconds.

What Is a Single Page Application?

A Single Page Application (sometimes abbreviated to SPA) is a website that consists of a single HTML file that works in your browser and is encoded in JavaScript. Some of the most popular SPA sites include Facebook, Google Drive, and Gmail. The app code only needs to be loaded once, while web management and rendition performed on the client side. When a user performs an action, the page does not reload with new content drawn from the server.

There is heavy contrast between SPAs and Multiple Page Applications (MPAs), particularly regarding efficiency in operations. For one, MPAs are the more traditional websites users are accustomed to, where the site is built with many HTML files linked together and sent out from a server. Typically, these websites use around 1.3 to 2.5 MB of content. However, when you are on your mobile device, the time needed to download the data is extended due to the slow CPU (compared to desktop browsers) and lower bandwidth.

What Are the Benefits of SPAs?

There are numerous benefits of SPAs. These include:

  • Streamlined user experience with simple layouts
  • Adaptive format to a multitude of screen sizes
  • Communications between server and browser are shallow
  • Easy navigation on site
  • Due to one HTML file design, the content is in one location
  • Less time spent hopping through other pages and waiting for them to load.
  • Debugging is much simpler.
  • SPA sites are easily shared on social media thanks to the small number of files your smartphone needs to load – this, in turn, leads to more traffic
  • SPA format is great for developers who want to improve the API (Application Programming Interface)
  • SPA sites use JavaScript frameworks to cache data in a local database, which allows data to be stored and accessed on numerous devices even if they are offline. For example, Google Drive uses this function to great effect.

What Are the Drawbacks of SPAs?

There are several disadvantages to using SPAs. These include:

  • SPAs use JavaScript. As such, they need JavaScript to be enabled to function correctly. The site will not work properly if JavaScript is disabled within the browser.
  • SPA sites are not as visible in search engines because Asynchronous Javascript and XML do not refresh the server when the website is automatically updated.
  • SPAs are more prone to memory leaks. For example, when a script fails to delete user information, the memory leak can slow the device.
  • SPAs may also be subject to cross-site scripting. This malevolent code is designed to explore the client-side coding foundation. These attacks range from cookie theft to stealing users’ private information. However, these predicaments can be avoided with the right scanning software.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many reasons why Single Page Applications are becoming more popular in 2021. If you want to create an app with, you may consider implementing the SPA format, particularly to make the user experience as simple as possible.

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