8 Fashion Accessories to lift your style quotient

8 Fashion Accessories to lift your style quotient

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Wearing an expensive dress is not enough. You have to pay attention to picking the right accessories as well. The perfect selection of clothes and accessories can make a simple outfit look outstanding. Shoes, belts, purses, handbags, jewelry, sunglasses, and jackets are common accessories that each fashion-conscious person must have.


1. Jazz up the dress with jewelry

Precious and semi-precious jewelry is a mark of wealth and power. But simpletons cannot afford to drench themselves in diamonds like actresses do for red carpet events. Thankfully, it is easy to find replica pieces in stores. Recently, the popularity of statement pieces is at an all-time high. The best thing about these trinkets is you will not require any other accessories to complete the look. Even a simple dress will look pricey if you team it up with the bright statement neckpiece. Apart from this, you can opt for rainbow bangles, which need no further explanation. Cocktail rings are also chunky and add a unique character to the dress. Whether you are wearing a jumpsuit dress or a simple gown, picking out the right jewelry will keep you sorted at all times.

2. Eye-catching bags

Women and men need to carry some stuff with them. Fitting everything in your pockets is impossible. It is here that the importance of handbags comes to the forefront. These are appropriate for complementing daily wear. For special occasions, when you pull out your best dress, you can opt for classic clutches. These are small yet have enough space to carry a make-up setting powder and lipstick. Men, on the other hand, have an unending collection of classic wallets. For professional wear, carrying office-appropriate ladies and gents, handbags or laptop bags are also available in store.


3. Hats: For a classic and fun touch

Earlier, ladies and gentlemen needed to wear hats. These have the practical utility of saving your head from sunlight or water. But in recent times, hats are mostly used for enhancing style in casual settings. Both men and women can opt for a hat, depending on the occasion they will attend. If you are going on a beach holiday, you can opt for wide-brim hats. For a relaxed afternoon lunch with friends and family members, ladies and gents can opt for simple hats. If you have to attend a flashy party, then you have to look the part. Let your hat do the talking. Sequin or stone studded hats will dazzle under the disco-ball.


4. Colorful or monochrome belts

Most fashion-conscious individuals know the art of combining colors when it comes to clothes and accessories. Adding color to your ensemble does not have to be a style challenge. Wear a wide multi-colored belt next time you put on your off-white knee-length dress. You will discover how a simple belt gives a new edge to your look. Belts come in all colors, sizes, and textures. If you are not a fan of colored and wide belts, you can purchase classic narrow black, brown, or navy blue belts. You can wear these with your trousers or pair them with any light-colored dress to create an optical divider.

5. Timeless watches for every occasion

Watches come in handy to make a positive impression. A timeless watch on your wrist can add oomph to your look. It is important to pick the right watch according to the event you will attend. For formal occasions or professional meetings, simplicity emits sophistication. Bring out your flashy watches before hitting the party floor.

6. A scarf for every attire

If you like subtle accessories or want to dress down for an official meeting, then opting for scarves is ideal. Both men and women can team up their garments with matching or contrasting scarves. Apart from tying these around your neck, you can also use these as bracelets. Biker fashion lovers often tie black scarves on their wrists and foreheads like bandanas. You can also tie it to the handle of your handbag. This classic approach will offer a timeless look. A multicolored or printed scarf will add a dash of color to a mono-colored dress, while solid colored scarves will complement dresses with patterns. Women can also replace the belt with a longer scarf as it slides into the trouser loops easily.


7. Treat blazers as add-ons

Though some wear blazers daily, others treat them as a clothing accessory. These non-structured suits can be used for formal as well as casual wear. A Blue or blacklight blazer with contrasting grey trousers will bring up your style quotient in the boardroom. When teamed up with acid-washed denim pants and V-neck T-shirts, the same blazer will highlight your casual fashion tastes. If you desire to be the center of attraction at any beach party, don’t forget to invest in a printed linen blazer. These are fun and multi-purpose jackets.

8. Sunglasses: Offer style and protection

Last but not least, sunglasses are essential for people of all ages. Yes, these are stylish, but they mainly protect your eyes from sunrays. Small frames and cat-eye glasses are in trend during 2018. But one can pick a frame as per his/her desire. These come in subtle as well as bright colors.

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