Everyday Uses of Karl Fischer Titration

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Titration has been commonly taught in college. However, you may be wondering how your daily life benefits from using this method. While it may look like just another college experiment, titration is an essential procedure in Chemistry. This method is an effective way to determine the exact amounts of chemicals in a solution. Karl Fischer titrator is used to analyze volumetrics. It may seem like a simple process, but many industries rely on titration to explore and develop major chemical compounds. Below are some known uses of titration in different sectors that benefit our lives.

Scharlau Aquagent® Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration Using Cells with Diaphragm - YouTube

Analysis of wastewater

Titration is used to know the water’s contamination level and what is needed to filter and clean it for safe use. Titration tells which chemicals are present in the water and how to remove them. With other advanced equipment, it can measure the ammonia level and the other reactants in water.

Acid rain

There is a great deal of pollution in the environment, and one of its harmful effects is acid rain. Experts are using titration to see how contaminated the rain or snow is. Environmentalists take rainwater samples or snow and test it on titration. This procedure is fast and provides reliable results. Moreover, titration works even without expensive equipment, making it easier for experts to do tests often and in different locations.


You would have probably not expected that titration is used to test the nutritional value of food. The food’s nutritional value is determined by the compounds that make up that specific food product with titration. One of the most commonly tested by titration is the acidity of orange juice. A solution is made using deionized water and a known volume of juice. An electrode will then be added directly to the solution. Food manufacturers usually use this procedure to provide the nutritional needs of various groups of people. Furthermore, it is a way of creating different product qualities based on consumers’ needs. Moreover, titration is also utilized to understand the chain length type in fatty acids. This is helpful for people with specific needs when it comes to food. Furthermore, the method can also test the sugar and salt levels in food.



Most people use cosmetics, and manufacturers are known to be using different chemicals to create their products. They use the titration process to determine the right amount and concentration of the chemicals they are using to keep it safe for human use.

Cleaning materials

The effectiveness of sanitizers and cleaning materials relies on using titration. The process is essential in making cleaning materials for food manufacturing industries. Titration kits are used to determine the right amount of chemicals to eliminate the pathogens and bacteria on their equipment and machine. Moreover, too many chemical levels on cleaning agents and sanitizers can go to food products, so their levels should be adequately maintained.

Paint manufacturers

Any industry that has to deal with pH levels needs titrations in any way. The chemical concentration, amount of water, and pH levels affect the paint’s quality, and all of these rely on using the Karl Fischer titrator. Titration is essential to our daily lives and not just a simple activity in college. Many industries rely on this process, and without it, your health and life will be compromised due to unacceptable levels of chemicals on the food you eat and the products you use. Moreover, titration can also be used to keep our environment safe from the damaging effects of pollution.

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