10 WordPress Plugins That Won’t Tax Your Website Resources

10 WordPress Plugins That Won’t Tax Your Website Resources

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When choosing a WordPress plugin, it’s important to make sure that it won’t have a negative effect on your website. Quick and even loading is one of the things that people who use your website will use to evaluate it. If it’s too slow or things don’t load evenly because of taxing WordPress plugins, a person might be less likely to visit it again. Choose plugins that do a great job and are light on resources.


Since it’s so important that your site loads quickly, consider installing Hummingbird. It uses file compression, caching, and minification to help get your site on the screen faster. This will give people checking it out a positive response to help you make a good first impression. The plugin also includes performance monitoring so that you can see how your page is actually working for the people who navigate to it. If you find that it’s running slow, you’ll know it’s affecting the user experience and look for ways to speed it up.


Errors happen and you shouldn’t lose your entire site because something went wrong. Using a plugin like BackupBuddy can prevent you from having to start from scratch and keep your site online and available. If your site goes down, then you can also use the plugin to restore your content and get back online. It backs up: SQL database files, plugins, widgets, settings, scrips, posts, files, and more.




two-step authentication.

Google XML Sitemaps can help. It helps the crawlers that look at your website find things more easily and put your content in the engine more easily. When you use this, your website will be put into a more attractive format for the largest search engines.

free WordPress plugin like CaptainForm gives you a simple and elegant solution for creating and utilizing forms on your site. It offers drag-and-drop functionality, advanced security, and helps you manage your data that goes into your forms with ease. There are also many templates available to help you pick on that works with your design.

Ultimate Branding

Making an impression helps to create a link with your customers so that they remember you when it’s time to buy. Ultimate Branding is a plugin that helps you customize your site so that it better represents your business. You can add a login screen, update logos, remove the word WordPress, and create custom menu bars. It will help make your site look different than everyone else’s.

Yoast SEO

Search Engine Optimization is how you appear in search results for your targeted keywords. Good SEO can help you find new customers and increase your website traffic. Yoast SEO helps optimize the content on your site so that you rise higher in Memberpress. It offers a variety of features like membership options, payment options, and sales help. If you’re selling digital products that can be downloaded after purchase, it supports that. It also lets you manage your community so that you can choose who can access what posts based on membership levels. It’s a great way to make customers feel more included in your site and to make more money selling online items that people can pay for right on the site.

Easy Appointments adds this functionality to your website. It can support multiple locations and multiple employees. Customers can choose what service they want to add and what time they want to meet. It also automates email notifications to let you and the customer have a record of what appointment was made.

Using WordPress plugins like these will give your site great benefits without weighing it down. They add functionality, design, and generally make your website better for your customers. You can use multiple plugins and they’re easy to add and remove so try a few out and see what they can do for you.

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