When the Stakes Are High, Who You Hire Matters More

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When you want to eat, you may pull out your smartphone and start searching for local restaurant reviews. When you have an important flight to catch, you’ll probably do a quick google search the night before to find the most reliable car service to take you to the airport. We do this kind of research all the time because we want the best. So why is it that so many people end up with bad contractors for major projects? Paradoxically, it may be because these projects come with big price tags. You have to spend a lot of money to put an addition on your home or undo terrible water damage. So, naturally, you look for ways to make things a little more affordable. Maybe you think that the cheaper guys can do the job just as well. This is a dangerous mistake. The fact is that expensive jobs are the last place that you should try to cut costs. These big projects are expensive for a reason, and they focus on something that is even pricier: your home. Cheap and unlicensed work can go horribly wrong, leading to more expenses and to damage to your most valuable asset.

Bad work costs more long-term.

You’ve probably had an experience like this before: you go to the store to buy something and see a couple of options from different manufacturers. One is cheap, and it looks like it. One is a bit pricier but looks more solid. You buy the cheap version of this item, and you take it home. Pretty soon, of course, it breaks. You head back to the store and repurchase it. You do this two or three times, and then you get fed up. You buy the more expensive item, and it lasts.


By the time you gave up and purchased the pricier version of this item, the multiple cheap ones you bought may have cost more than one good one would have – and, of course, you ended up having to buy the good ones in the end anyway! This is the kind of experience you’re likely to have if you hire bad contractors. Bad contractors will cost you money in all sorts of ways, like inaccurate estimates and material and time overruns. But one of the most common ways in which they cost you is in the form of bad work. Maybe they’ll come back and fix it, but maybe they won’t do it for free. Maybe they won’t fix it properly. Maybe you’ll call another cheap contractor. In the end, of course, you’re likely to have to call in reliable licensed contractors to fix the mess. So why not call them in the first place and save money?

Protect your home

It’s one thing when this cycle happens with a product you buy at the store or a project that is taking place somewhere other than your property. But when you’re dealing with bad work and repeated attempts to fix it on your property, you’re inviting a new kind of risk and cost. A broken store-bought item means you’ve lost the cost of that item, but a terrible mistake on a home improvement project may not just mean you’re out the money you paid the contractor – it could also mean that you’ve reduced the value of your home.

Your home is the likely most expensive thing you own, so why would you put it at risk? Don’t get cheap when hiring the people that will manage a big project on your valuable property. Hiring good contractors is smart because it protects the investment you have in your home and your property. It’s a no-brainer: hire licensed contractors with a top rating from the Better Business Bureau if you have a renovation project. If you have a mold issue, hire licensed mold contractors who specialize in this type of work and have plenty of customer feedback. Whatever the project, look for licensing, certification, reviews on sites like Angie’s List, and approval from groups like the BBB. You look for the best restaurant to eat at, so why wouldn’t you do even more research when dealing with a much more important decision?

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