How to Use Reverb Plugins on Your Vocal Tracks

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We’ve all been there. Your band is tracking some cool new track you just wrote, and it’s coming collectively tremendous: perfect groove, killer tones, clever ear–candy. Then you add the one’s vocals tracks. Best News Mag

How to Use Reverb Plugins on Your Vocal Tracks 1

Suddenly, all you know is that the voice sounds stupid, dead, and unusually disconnected from the rest of the tune. It’s now not that the lyrics aren’t operating or that your intonation is off. It’s simply that, for a few reasons, the one’s vocals don’t sound well–located in the mix.

That’s generally proper across the time your bandmate or co-producer turns to you and says something like, “It’s all top! Just needs a bunch of reverb!” That’s, well, half–right.


When deployed deftly, accurate antique reverb is the right device for gluing harmonies together or placing the vocal song in a simulated acoustic context.

But, there are only a few times when you’ll need to soak your vocal tracks with the impact. Discretion is the call of the game with reverb. Your production will truly benefit from understanding a few matters approximately one of the oldest studio effects and how it stays so useful in these days’ DAW–dominated world.

The Basics: What Reverb Does and Doesn’t Do

Many people will let you know that reverb makes vocals sound bigger, but that’s no longer truly the case. Like herbal reverb in a cave or warehouse, a reverb plugin makes a vocal sound adore it’s in an area. Reverb is so top-notch on a sterile, dry voice recording that it helps that vocal music sound find it irresistible wasn’t recorded in an isolation sales space.

If anything, heavy reverb doesn’t make a vocal sound bigger but farther away. After all, you’d hear greater reverberation from someone farther down in a cave than someone status proper after you. So, if your difficulty is that the vocals you recorded sound oddly out in the front of the band — completely not unusual trouble while the vocal is tracked in a specific space, on a specific day — then get away some simple reverb.

An easy plugin like Waves’ Renaissance Reverb or Metric Halo’s HaloVerb will do the task for that form of difficulty. Choose a size for the room you need to emulate, set a decay time that suits the sound of the alternative units within the mix, and slowly dial a wetter and wetter sign till the voice seems to meet the rest of the band in that imagined area.

If you’re looking to upload greater presence and power to a vocal overall performance, go the other route and dial lower the reverb.

Reverb has a regulation of diminishing returns. A little bit is usually referred to as for, but including an increasing number of will subsequently simply reason your voice to sound overly glassy, getting swallowed up using the mix’s relaxation. Ergo, if your reverberated vocal element is sounding susceptible or unintelligible, dial back your room size, decay, and dry/moist settings to the flavor.

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