Fix broken plugin content on the Web with NoPlugin

Fix broken plugin content on the Web with NoPlugin

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NoPlugin is a browser add-on for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera this is been designed to repair net content that requires plugins on the Internet.

Plugins are in their manner out, with all main browser developers having announced that conventional plugins might not be part of future browser versions anymore.

The internet is moving to an HTML5 destiny, and plugins are a relic of the beyond. While Flash is still being stored around, as a minimum for a touch bit longer, depending on the browser which you are the usage of, plugins apart from Flash may not work anymore already.

See Firefox, DRM and the end of NPAPI, or Chrome launches without NPAPI plugin help for further records.

The removal of help for plugins but may additionally have an impact on an Internet person’s net enjoy. While browsers may not help plugins anymore, lots of websites accessible nevertheless require them for a few content.If you go to such an internet page in a present day browser, you typically get an mistakes message. Chrome for instance presentations “this plugin is not supported”, and Firefox that the “video format or mime kind isn’t supported”.

The disabling of plugins in browsers makes this content inaccessible. While lots of sites are using HTML5 now for their content, it’s miles honest to mention that a few websites will never be updated. Pages or sites which can be not maintained for instance, or websites for which the operator can not or may not make the funding that is required.


NoPlugin has been designed as a solution for this problem. It is a cross-browser, open source, WebExtension.

Basically, what NoPlugin does is experiment net pages which you go to for plugin content material (embedded content). Note that the extension is restricted to media content material.

Depending on the content material, two matters may additionally occur. If the browser can play the content material without plugins, the embedded content is replaced with an HTML5 player in order that the content may be played immediately inside the browser.

If the content can’t be performed, a download alternative is supplied as a substitute so that the content may be downloaded to the neighborhood gadget and played in a neighborhood player then.

The message at the screenshot below as an example hyperlinks without delay to the media file so you can download it for your nearby device (This web page is making an attempt to load plugin content material here. Click to open it for your media participant).

A click on the open content material button downloads the media record to the nearby machine so that you can play it the use of any media player that supports the format (move in this situation).

NoPlugin may play mp4, mp3, m4a and wave files immediately inside the browser. Any other media cannot be played without delay but is supplied as a download choice rather.


NoPlugin has been created as a remedy to make the left at the back of media sites that depend upon plugins to play content material work in modern-day net browsers. The use of the extension relies upon largely on your browsing behavior.

If one among your favorite websites requires plugins, for example, you will gain from NoPlugin furnished that it detects the embed code successfully on it and presents you with a download or direct streaming option.

Now you: Do you need plugins for some stuff on the Internet?

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